My Human Design Journey – Shit! My Analysis Is Becoming Fulfilled!

my hd
My human Design -6/2 Sacral Genrator

For those of you that are here on this blog and know nothing about Human Design, I’ve explained more about it in another blog here

Soon I’ll be able to split all my blogs into separate categories, as I am sharing myself from quite a few angles.  But, for the time being I’ve decided that rather than creating separate blogs, which will just be a maintenance nightmare, they will all get logged here. Therefore my blog is all a big amalgamation of life, creativity, business, healing, growth, transformation and human design. Probably exactly what a blog is supposed to be!

Marketing… What? Me? Nah!

Right now at the time of writing this blog it is very early days in my marketing career.

Hold on.

Did I just say that?

Marketing Career


No F*cking Way. Can’t get over that that’s me saying that . . .

What Am I Going On About?!

I’ve just celebrated making the 1 year milestone of the 7 year human design experiment. Living your human design is no easy feat. It is radical, extreme and breaks you down into a ka-billion different pieces. But the way I see it is that that is what life does to me anyway, so I may as well get on board a mapped out sacred path and really pay attention to and leverage the transformation that’s occurring in my life.

So, only 1 year in, but that’s way further than most!

Because I’ve been reflecting on the past year so much in the last few days because of my 1 year anniversary, Human Design is feeling like a hot topic for me right now. And it’s super sizzling red hot today as I have just been going through my Human Design Analysis notes.

Man oh man on man!

I discovered Human Design in a not-meaning-to kind of way. Basically, it found me, Those two words leapt from the midst of someone else’s conversation and dived right through my eardrum and into my brain where they manically circled around like a dancing mantra. All day in my thoughts it was “Human Design, make sure you Google Human Design when you get home. What’s this human design thing? You need to know about Human Design . . .”

It bit me. Or, seeing as I’m, what’s known in Human Design as a 6/2 profile, it called me.

6/2’s ‘hear the call’ and then respond.

It was a radical turn around in my life taking on the epic challenge of Human Design, but basically I had no choice. I responded to it and I understood, straight away, from the core of my being, that response is everything.

So it was a biggy.

And then I had my analysis.

Having A Human Design Analysis Is Nuts.

It’s not like an astrology reading. It’s not ‘fortune telling’-y-like and everything, it’s not guess work and what you’re told isn’t being stretched or tainted by the perspective of the analyser

It’s all there. In black and white. The placements of all your planets. The hexagrams, lines, centres, gates, channels that are all holding keynotes to the map of WHO YOU ARE.

It’s like DNA coding. A unarguable blueprint of you. There, BANG! Right in front of you. Clear as day light.

However, it’s a science that goes magnificently deep and you can get lost trying to figure it all out with your mind.

But this is where Human Design gets really brilliant – in order to ‘live it’ you don’t need to get all up in your head about it, you just attune to, and honour, your Strategy and Authority. (again, if you’re lost check out my other blog here, and/or go straight to the Online Human Design mecca –

So going back to where I was earlier, perusing over my analysis notes I experienced a kind of refreshing, awakening ‘A-HA!’ moment. This marketing thing . . .

The marketing thing was just an interesting memory in my brain when I was writing my ‘I Year In Human Design Experiment’ post the other day, but then actually finding the transcribed notes today, and looking at the exact words that he had told me in my analysis, I was wowwed.

Listening back to the audio I am actually laughing and making all sorts of disbelieving, resistant sounds when he’s talking about the ‘marketing‘ stuff. Everything else in my analysis I was going ‘UHUH, UHUH, UHUH, UHUH!’ to. Total recognition and total agreement.

But the Marketing thing . . .

But reading and listening to it now, I am in AWE!

Here’s why . . .

Up until Dec 12th 2014 I have always had a very conscious absolute aversion to the idea of ‘sales’, so much so that I have actually had panic attacks around the idea of being forced into work where I’d have to sell stuff. I have freaked out at that idea, associating ANY kind of sales with just pure nightmarish hell.

The fear stems form my earlier life of working in shops and stuff. Times that just need to be left where they are. In the past.

That’s all I’ve ever known about ‘sales’.

Also, more recently, whenever anyone has tried to pull me into the idea or conversation of ‘marketing’ myself to get my healing skills out there I have resisted fantastically and felt the big sacral F*ck Off – ‘UHUN’!

So, I was really seriously thinking my analysis dude had got some human design lines tangled up somehow.

But . . .

Now it is all becoming clear.

Everything that I was insisting wasn’t me, is exactly everything that is now coming in to my life.

Who You Think You Think You Think You Are . . .

One of the reasons folk go on to live their Human Design, is to de-condition themselves from the ideas of who they think they think they think they are. Did you get that?

Basically we all think we are something that we are not.

When a sacral generator stops and ‘waits’ and just responds, allowing life to come to them as it is designed to do so, your design and purpose starts to shine through into your life.

When we are living from the mind, making decisions from the head, we are obstructing our natural designs brilliance and direction, and we’re obstructing it with frustration and unnecessary effort.

Therefore, when you pack that in and live your Human Design instead, taking the radical path and stopping everything but what you are responding to, your life will change.

Which brings me to what’s going on in my life now!

Since Dec 12th I have been an ecstatically grateful inspired member of The Six Figure Mentors. The SFM are an online team of super awesome peeps that provide a Digital Business System that enables their students to build profitable online businesses from scratch. They are Marketing Gurus!

It’s a bit like getting a’ business-in-a-box’.

stu and jay
Jay and Stuart

As an SFM student you are being trained in absolutely everything you need to know about succeeding online aka Marketing. Our mentors are massively recognised for their leadership online (Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek) and have made millions and millions from leveraging the internet to make serious money. As a result of what they’ve learned they are now providing excellent training and coaching to show other, normal people, how to do the same.

There is no way on earth that I would have known that anything like this existed in the Universe. I was NOT looking for it. I knew diddly-squat about marketing and ‘leveraging the internet to make money’.  All I was doing was praying and affirming my life, and saying a lot of this particular affirmation

“I work in creative collaboration with smart inspiring people on projects that contribute to the well being of humanity”

So when I saw an ad on YouTube for The SFM and noticed that my whole body was opening up and responding to it, I had to follow the lead. Man I’m so glad I learned to respond like that!

I’m sharing a bit about The SFM because it’s a huge part of me seeing my Human Design come to life.

Some Excepts Of my Analysis . . .

So, here’s what Richard Beaumont shared with me in my analysis that I thought was just absolute nonsense

“You are here to start, build and finish things, as long as you are growing from it. But it’s not up to you to choose your direction. Direction comes from outside of you via your response”

Like I said, I was not trying to find direction. For 10 months I had been ‘being in response’, letting life un-clutter from everything. Then I saw an ad that got a huge inner response from me. I’d had 10 moths in training with this response. With that ad my direction was being offered. I followed it all lit sacrally up.

“For you it’s not about the money (I know where this bit is in my human design – gate 14 line 1 ‘Possession In great Measure’ line 1 – ‘Money Isn’t Everything’) Your purpose is growth and transformation and when you commit to something you will find, through your experience, what it is ‘To Be Discovered’ (I have the channel of Discovery in my chart with gate 46.1 – ‘being discovered’)

Jay Kubassek
Jay Kubassek

Well, certainly The SFM can look from the outside like it’s all about money, but it isn’t only about that at all. The whole ethos behind it is lifestyle, freedom, flexibility, empowering people to take their own lives back and, in the words of Jay Kubassek, ‘Live Life By Design’! I swear, on numerous occasions throughout my awesome training, it has been like they have been deliberately speaking to me in human design code! Often using words that are in the keynotes of my own design like ‘momentum’ ‘transformation’ and ‘money isn’t everything’

And the ‘being discovered’ bit. I’m not sure what that’s about yet. I’ve been told its connected to ‘being discovered for the love of the body’, which weirdly is partly what my blog/life is about; how to love yourself, your whole self, body, mind, emotions to well-ness. I’ll be discovered for it in some way. Maybe it’s you, discovering this blog right now?!) Anyway, it’s The SFM who are helping me to put myself out there.

This bit cracks me up, it’s so on the button –

“You are designed to commit to something that has solid backing and is already succeeding. You have gate 53 ‘Development’ in line 2 – ‘Momentum – success breeds success’ You will see something that someone is already doing and jump on the back of it. From this you will create money and travel”

So, out of the blue appears The SFM, with their well established and set up Digital Business System, already helping loads of people escape the 9-5 by creating awesome, passive income streams online. I heard the call. I responded to it. Jumped on board smelling the freedom in the air from that very first ‘UHUH!’  I’m well on my way to making money and being set free to travel, grow and transform and heal.

“Your momentum grows as you get closer to victory”

Our training in The SFM mentions a lot about building momentum. You start off small, take daily action steps. In the beginning it’s hard work, but you’re laying the foundations for your business to become automated. If you are following the steps as they are taught you will create passive income streams, many of them.

Here’s the marketing bit that made me retch a year ago –

“You can market things really well and you have the natural ability to get peoples attention, get them to buy certain things. You know how to sell something at the most fundamental level. You have the potential wisdom to know what can attract the eye. You know what to highlight in a product or service that people want to go for” and then in response to my wincing face  “Investigate this. You may find a hidden talent.  However, you can only sell what you are really behind. You can’t just sell anything. Authenticity is key”

And . . . (I love this bit . . .)

“This is about getting money for the tribe. IT’S BLOODY USEFUL!”

It certainly feels like, with The SFM, that I have indeed joined a tribe and through my marketing efforts others will come into the business and will also learn how to create their passive incomes. I am so damn excited about this. After all, it’s the freedom. Money allows space for freedom to occur in one’s life; no job, no boss, no commute, and instead travel, study, work at your own pace in your own way from wherever you want. Super important.

To finish he summed me up in a bite sized nugget

“You are here to be in your body, on a journey of discovery, starting and finishing new projects in things that you absolutely love, pouring all of your life force into it, in your own flow and rhythm, empowering yourself and others in the doing of it. THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE HERE TO DO.”

And then as a nice little cherry on top  (although at the time I thought it was a dollop of poo. Oh, how perspective changes over time!)  –

“This IS what will happen. It WILL be lived out.”

Well, after pretty much shrugging it all off with a nagging feeling of ‘He’s read something wrong in there’ I am now, 12 months later looking at my life going “What The HECK?”

Although living my design has mostly been just about honouring, ruthlessly, my strategy and authority I am all turned on again about what it actually says; the language, the keynotes, the descriptions embedded in the chart.

It is bloody fascinating.

I highly recommend anyone who is totally turned on by TRUTH to check out your human design at and see if it’s a path for you.

And, if you are looking for an ethical business to set up, if you want to ditch the rat race and start living your life deliberately check out The Six Figure Mentors. Would you like to? (Awh! Have to always get the question in there. It’s a kind of Sacral Generator Etiquette I practice!)

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Like my analysis says, I am here to be pouring myself into what I love. I love writing and sharing sooooo much.

I’m in alignment. I’m following the Sacral UHUH Trail x and LOVING it x

Blessings x

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  1. Alexa

    Flipping heck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How amazing 😉

    “This IS what will happen. It WILL be lived out.”

    A big amen to that 😉

    Waiting with baited breath for next instalment of this mega blog…

    Kev x

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