My Human Design Experiment – Year 1

my hd chart

My Human Design Journey So Far . . .

March 12th 2015 is a very reflective day for me and an anniversary in three ways –

  • 18 Years since my dad died – I can’t believe it’s 18 years since my dad left the planet, winking and smiling in his last seconds as he was preparing to go, creating for me some profound awakenings around the concept of death and dying. I was 22 at the time and completely shattered by the experience. Now I connect with him every day and live my life on his behalf too.
  • It’s been 1 year since ‘officially’ embarking on my Human Design experiment . . . well, this is what I’m writing about today, so more in a minute . . .
  • And, 3 months since joining The SFM a.k.a The Six Figure Mentors, and seeing as everything I’ve been up to in the last 12 months has been a result of me living my design, I’ll share more about my SFM journey too.

(If you are reading this and are unfamiliar with human design, I am sharing links at the bottom of this post so that you can find out more and get your own human design chart done online.)

What I’m covering in this post –

  • Year 1 of my 7 year human design experiment
  • what is human design
  • How did human design find me?
  • a bit more about how human design works
  • The Sacral Genrators Strategy and Authority
  • Why 7 years?
  • my first year in human design
  • How human design has affected my relationships
  • why am I living my human design?
  • The Czech Republic Skalka experience
  • The subtleties
  • The waiting
  • Not waiting leaks your life force energy
  • The questions
  • Sacral Ignition
  • The biggest thing I’ve learned so far through living my Human Design experiment
  • Cancer diagnosis and new business venture
  • Some useful links

my hd

Year 1 of My 7 Year Human Design Experiment Completed – 6 Mores Years To Go!

What is Human Design?

Well, this blog is really just for me to share what’s been going on whilst living my first year of the human design experiment. In truth Human Design is a monumental topic and it really needs to be studied and lived to be understood (hence why I’m in an experiment that last 7 years!) But for those of you who don’t know much about it, here it is in a very wee nutshell . . .

  • It’s a science that synergises astrology, the kabbalistic tree of life, the IChing and the chakra system. Yet, it is none of these things
  • Working out what your design is, which is found through accurate birth time and place, you are provided with a blueprint of EXACTLY who you are
  • This blueprint/map covers every single aspect of you and is freakily and amazingly accurate and true
  • Each person has a particular ‘type‘, meaning you have a particular kind of aura that works and responds to life in a very particular way
  • Human Design gives you the practical tools, that are already structured in your aura, to be able to navigate through life in the most correct, harmonious in alignment way so that you can can fulfill your specific purpose of living.
  • Choosing to connect with and honour the way your aura mechanics work means relinquishing control from the mind and giving it back to your body.
  • The whole purpose of living your design is so that your mind can stop running the show (often in a frustrating, annoying, stressful, problem creating way) and so you can start really living your truth
  • It is hard to live your design because pretty quickly you start to learn, through body consciousness, through your aura, where your energy needs to be and where it doesn’t need to be. This OFTEN is in opposition to what your mind thinks.
  • By honouring your aura, by remaining true to your real response to life, your life as you know it falls apart and you experience what, in the Human Design world, is known as ‘shatterings’
  • Shattering is a result of the de-conditioning of your mind, the breaking down of your ‘false’ life and the reawakening to your ‘true’ path
  • Very few people manage to live their design
  • I am not one of them.

How Did Human Design Find Me?

I’d been introduced to Human Design a few times by a friend over the years, but it hadn’t been presented to me in the ‘correct’ way! (there’s a correct way in Human Design!!)

Then in February 2014 I overheard just two words of someone’s conversation and those words were ‘Human Design‘. Everything in my body lit up and I just knew that I needed to Google it when I got home.

When I got home and Googled ‘human design’ I fell down the most fascinating rabbit hole in my Universe.

A Bit More About How Human Design Works

I am what’s known as a ‘Sacral Generator‘ . This is one of the aura types that I mentioned above. There are 4 types and I am the most common one – The Generator. However, there are two types of Generator, the ‘sacral generator’ and the ’emotional generator’. They have VERY different ways of responding to life through whats called Strategy and Authority

Each human design type has a strategic way of being in life, and the strategy of the generator is simply ‘TO WAIT‘; don’t initiate. Wait. Let life come to you. Simple. Not easy.

Then, each type also has an ‘Authority‘, meaning, the part of you that makes decisions. No ones authority belongs in their mind, although we all ‘think’ it doe’s. Well, it doesn’t, and as a sacral generator mine belongs in my sacral/gut.

What Do I Mean By Waiting and ‘Authority’?

Each type has a different ‘Authority’ and each authority has a different way of responding to life.  This is how it works for the sacral generator.

The Sacral Generators Strategy and Authority

Sacral Generators wait to be asked YES/NO questions. When a sacral generator is asked a YES/NO question the immediate, impeccable truthful response comes forth from the gut as a guttural sound, often sounding like ‘Uhuh!’ for yes and ‘Uhun.’ for no.

The point here is that the sacral KNOWS your way, what you need to do, where you need to go, not your monkey mind. Basically, your sacral knows what you have and haven’t got energy for.  So when your sacral responds you have to honour it and follow it. The whole point of the experiment is about learning to trust your authority (the part of you that responds) and to learn to follow it’s guidance, despite what you ‘think’, and live life in alignment and to your design.

This might sound insane to anyone who hasn’t looked a bit deeper at this science. But I’m telling you. It’s phenomenally wise, accurate, brilliant and utterly life changing.

Why 7 Years?

  • It takes a person living their human design for 7 years to break down all the conditioning that’s been taken on board in life.
  • It takes 7 years for the cells to totally renew throughout your body.
  • It takes 7 years for you to shatter and let go of your conditioning.
  • It takes 7 years to become really happy in your own skin.
  • I’ve since found out that many are still not getting it after the 7 years. It hard that’s why!

My First Year

hd shatteringOn March 12th 2014 I officially started my experiment. I say officially because it was on the 12th of March that I had my Human Design Analysis with Richard Beaumont. I’d kind of started a month or so before, but my analysis really put me on track, so that’s my official start.

I went home, post analysis, my mum was away so I had her place to myself. The internet had gone down so I had no access to anything and I literally sat there for 3 weeks ‘waiting‘.

I’d learned that I wasn’t to initiate anything, but to wait to be asked. There are very few people in my life, so this was a strange time. I was at war with my head, which was pushing me ‘to do’ stuff, anything but sitting there waiting. But I held out. At one point I broke and did make a phone call to BT, trying to get them to fix the internet, but this created so much stress for me, that I quickly realised I was pushing against my design. I sat there doodling, taking short walks, long walks, meditating, writing, freaking out, relaxing, waiting . .

3 weeks later I bumped into the lady upstairs and she asked me ‘Do you need anything?’ ‘UHUH!’ I said and went on to explain about the internet. In 10 minutes it was up and running. My waiting had paid off.

My ‘UHUH’s’ back then were loud and explosive! All that waiting charged up in my belly. People would stand back and look at me weird. I was probably coming across like some kind of grunting cave woman! I didn’t care though. It was my sacred sacral sound. Delicious to experience, any practising sacral generator will tell you.

It was at some point in those first few weeks of waiting that my friend Martina had called me up and started asking me yes/no questions. She was also a sacral generator. We spent 4 hours on the phone making loud hilarious guttural sounds! I had never had such a cut-through-all-the-bull-shit kind of conversation in my life. Few words, simple questions, to the point and loud absolute sacral sounds as responses. We were learning stuff about ourselves. It was amazing. As a result she headed down my way and had an analysis too.

Two sacrals together is ultra refreshing. The mind seriously gives up and takes a back seat. It can’t function with that amount of sacral juice going on. Sacrals are utterly honest. And there’s no taking anything personally between sacrals when they’re asking and responding to questions. It’s monumental acceptance of what is. And amazing humour in the realising that that’s how it is. Supremely refreshing and a very very beautiful thing.

I wish I had more participating sacrals around me!

How Human Design Has Affected My Relationships

Before Martina came down, what I had been learning in those initial three weeks since analysis was all about the stillness and the potential frustration in the ‘waiting for questions’.

I became aware of the intensity of waiting and all the pushiness from within to ‘make stuff happen’. I started really feeling into the way my mind would not rest unless it was doing, planning or making something happen.

I could no longer freely reach out to people to connect and as a result of this all of my relationships were rushing right up into my mind in clouds of ‘guilt’. I was intensely feeling guilty for not reaching out, making contact, doing, making things happen. It was screaming in my face and making me very uncomfortable. I was seriously wondering how the hell any of my relationships would survive if I weren’t the one to make moves. I was right to wonder. Many of them haven’t been.

In fact, this has been the hardest area of living my design. Nothing has cleared people, situations and things out of my life as powerfully as my human design experiment.

First of all it was so challenging for me to let people know what I was doing. No one was asking me and I felt I needed to explain and ‘inform’ people (informing is something not designed for generators. It’s for manifestos, another type completely.) But I informed anyway, ‘thinking’ that they would need to know why I’m being a bit weird (I’m painfully over aware of what I think people think of me, something I’m working on), and as a result of that I wasted a lot of my vital energy trying to explain myself to people. I should have just kept quiet. People were getting all lost with it. But I was too aware of my silence and stillness and deliberate ‘only in response’ to not at least offer some kind of explanation. That however was my mind freaking out. I wonder how different it might have been had I just shut up and waited. Well that was then. I can do and do, do that now.

Also, trying to explain myself, instead of ‘waiting’ to be asked was exhausting. No one else is living my life and no one else is going to understand WHY I choose to do something as radical and weird as ‘living your human design’. Most people only get it from a surface level anyway.

I’ve had to learn to only give once I’ve responded to give. That way I know my body and life has the energy for it.

Why Am I Living My Design?

There is nothing surface or pointless in the reasons for me living my design. I choose to live my design, my truth, because of the absolute unbearable daily pain of not doing so.

I have struggled for years with mental health issues, in particular bipolar disorder and I’ve been treating it without medication, so often, mostly, I am raw, exposed and extremely sensitive to, and deeply feeling, everything.

Embarking on the crazy but very sane path of human design is a way of me putting myself into rehab, so I can heal myself from all the conditioning that has fucked me up in my life. I know that for me truth and transformation is the way. And if I even slip off track even a little tiny bit, the cost is not worth it. It is not worth having daemons, voices and terror in your psyche, energy field and emotions every moment of every day because you feel too guilty to follow your truth. Guilty because your truth requires you to follow and do what’s correct for you in that moment, not someone else.

On this note I want to share this line from Oriah Mountain Dreamers Poem The Invitation

I want to know if you can

disappoint another

to be true to yourself.

If you can bear

the accusation of betrayal

and not betray your own soul.

If you can be faithless

and therefore trustworthy.

Truth and Forgiveness

Being true to yourself often means disappointing the other. It is ‘shattering’ and soul tempering to keep processing through that. I’ve had to learn new ways to deal with the disappointment, anger and frustration that as been directed at me as a result of me honouring my truth. And part of my truth is also in the realising that not always is that energy coming at me from the outside. Often it can be my own projecting mind. Whatever it is or wherever it’s coming from the way I’ve been dealing with it is through ‘Forgiveness’ To see people blessed, happy, vibrant, laughing and celebrated and cherished. Super hard for me to do, but to do otherwise is to suffer.

So with my authority taking charge of my life I did what I could, without actually teaching a bloody thesis on it, to ‘inform’ my friends and family to what I was up to. I was highly aware that most people weren’t getting what I was on about. In fact, one friend admitted to me that she thought I was just being a pain in the arse. Although super frustrating for me to see that my path of truth was being seen as nothing but just an annoying way of being, I’ve been coming to realise that that isn’t my problem to deal with that. ‘What other people think of me is none of my business” (Wayne Dyer)

So after making it known that I was in this experiment I noticed many people just dropped away. It’s like I was cutting energetic ties and saying “I’m here but I now require a response for me to commit” then just waiting to see if anyone wanted to whilst the balls was in their court. Well, many didn’t. Many just dropped. And I carried on waiting. Still am. Trusting . . . .

Although lots dropped, new ones came in too. My friend Catherine was super good at asking me questions. She said it was the same way that she communicated with her dog, so it was easy for her. I would hear from her when she had the energy to ask me. And a few others too. But not much and not often.

I also met some new Human Design friends, Sarah being a big input in the beginning. This was really helpful for me, as it’s super challenging living something so sacred and deliberate in a world that’s expecting your conditioning to play.

I also realised that people don’t understand the idea that if I’m going to connect with a person they’re not the only person left in the Universe to make that happen. The Universe is much bigger and cleverer than that. Most of my connections with people and experiences have come through me responding to questions that have come from totally different places.

What I mean is, most people think that they are responsible for making things happen between you and them.

For example, I met Raisa for the first time in London because someone in Totnes asked me ‘Do you want to go to Raisa’s group in London?’ and I said ‘Uhuh!’ I’d never met Raisa before. The next thing I know, I’m on bus to London to meet Raisa.  Raisa and me didn’t have to ask each other to meet each other.  Life brought the ask. Through another channel.

I’ve had many experiences like that in the last 12 months.

The Czech Republic Skalka Experience

My human design had me off to the Czech Republic to a human design course in the summer. That was insanely valuable for me. I was utterly in my experiment then, because I knew that those around me understood what I was doing. I was being a totally ‘anti social freak’, or so I thought. What I later found out was that I was actually really honouring my role as the 6/2 role model/hermit profile (another human design aspect) I was reigning my energy in and only spending it when people came to cash in on my response, and my responses were very gut based. Very little language. What I was learning about was the power that builds up in me when I’m not leaking. Once my reservoir gets full, when it comes to giving and interacting it’s potent, juicy, full.

Being in the Czech Republic was a massive experience of ‘passenger consciousness’ for me. Where I could have been freaking out about being there; the cost, being away, feeling anxious, instead in my head it was like this “Oh. Look where I am. How interesting!” That was super refreshing for me, to not be picking something apart and trying to ‘decide’ if I should or shouldn’t be there.

The Subtleties . . . 

A big part of my experiment, so far, has been about allowing the ‘waiting for life to come forth’, through whoever or whatever life is chooses.

Not everything comes as question. Questions are more about and around bigger thinGs, and certainly where other people are involved.

But if I want to be in nature, I feel that, I feel the pull to go outside. It’s like the wind is saying ‘Do you wanna come? Do you wanna come?’ and my body is saying ‘UHUH! UHUH!’ There’s no mental enquiry around that. Just natural movement, like going to the toilet. But I’m more easily able to navigate that subtle pull now than I was 12 months ago.

There are a lot of subtleties within the sacral directive, deeper than questions, but they depend upon each persons deeper design. In my design I have an element of ‘feeling’. Not everyone has that. So to a degree I ‘feel’ what’s right and what’s not. But if I go up into my head to work things out I’m lost. I need clear questions and a gut response.

The Waiting

Urgh. That sounds like the name of a horror movie! ‘The Waiting‘ and it can be a horror! THERE IS A HELL OF A LOT OF WAITING. It kills you to wait. It kills the false you to wait, rather.

I really believe that I had 7 years of preparation for this experiment. 7 years of what I call my ‘mental illness phase’. 7 years of everything breaking down in a terrifying way. I truly believe that without that I wouldn’t have had the strength, the need or the determination to stick to living my design and honouring my authority.

But lets remember, it is an experiment. This means that there are often times when you don’t know what to do, nothing’s happening and there’s something desperately pushing on you but there’s nothing or no one to ask so there’s no response to be made. You can experiment, and try making a move to test it out, see how it feels, see how things unfold. However, I worked it out pretty quick – it feels like shit and damn hard work if there’s nothing you’re responding to.

Not Waiting Leaks Your Life Force Energy

I picked up, early days, on an analogy that Mary Ann Winniger used to describe what it feels like to be ‘leaking energy’, which is what happens if you go against your authority. I’ve probably adapted the analogy, but this is how I describe it –

Imagine you are a big plastic bag filled with fresh juicy water, and this water represents your vitality, your life force, an accumulation of all the wonderful energy that you have as a result of living your design correctly.

Now, imagine that in your hands you have some sharp knitting needles.

Now imagine that you decide, through thinking, that you’re going to do something, or go somewhere, or say something or just generally give out energy without having a response to do so. Take one of those knitting needles and puncture the big juicy bag that you are.

Can you see what’s happening to that water? It’s shooting out, spurting out, leaking.

Now imagine that throughout your day you keep deciding to puncture yourself with choices and things that you haven’t responded to doing. Imagine that most of these things you’re puncturing yourself with are things that are driven by mind, and remember that the mind uses; guilt, fear, needing approval to motivate your actions. You soon start to leak if your following those directives.

I’m not talking about subtle movements. I’m talking about making mental decisions and making yourself do things because you ‘think’ you should, rather than waiting to have something to respond to. 

The Questions

hd badgeThere are so many fine lines within this. It’s hard to be absolute. But the one absolute for me is that I respond to yes/no questions and my response is what’s to be honoured. Beneath that, more so now than 12 months ago, there’s a river of subtlety guiding my actions. But after 12 months of body consciousness training (that’s what living your design is) I am more finely tuned to those subtleties.

Still, people mostly don’t like to ask explicit questions. It’s too threatening for people, makes them feel too vulnerable to the possible ‘no’ (perceived rejection) that they may get. Instead people like to make statements and diguise them as questions.

“I’ve been wondering if you’d like to have a cup of tea?” (Ok! Keep wondering then!)

It will be so nice to see you if you fancy that sometime? ( It probably would be nice to see me if I fancied it)

There’s no opportunity for sacral response here. My body stands closed, still, non responsive.

Explicitly they would come like this

“I’d love to have a cuppa with you. Would you like that?” (UHUH! or UHUN, either way I know for sure)

“I would love to see you. Would you like to come and see me?”

the last two questions are a lot rarer than the first two!

I’ve been witnessing this over and over again.

Sacral Ignition

uhuhIt’s the most amazing and refreshing and beautiful thing, as a sacral generator, when you connect with a being who easily asks yes/no questions. This is because your sacral gets ignited with immediate truth juice and you can start mapping your direction based on your responses. It’s the best feeling ever to have life come to you and put the key in your sacral ignition and fire you up. It’s amazing because that’s your direction being switched on and mapped.

Have you seen that film “The Adjustment Bureau”? It’s a bit like that. Every little encounter. Every question asked. Every response given directs the path in front of you. Sometimes it’s an immediate path, sometimes it’s a path for later, but even so marker points pop up and you know that that’s where you’re heading . . . unless something comes along and asks you again and you respond differently, but then you just change track.

Honouring your authority like this gets your mind to take it’s hands off the driving wheel of your life. The mind is supposed to be in the position of ‘Passenger Consciousness’ relaxing in the back seat of your vehicle (body) observing the passing scenery that’s flying past the window. It’s not supposed to be driving.

The Biggest Thing I’ve Learned So Far Through Living My Design

Without a doubt it’s – where to and where not to give my energy.

I have been, and still am, a lot, being burned in the fires of guilt, frustration, sadness and grief around constantly realising that I can’t move in certain directions because the energy just isn’t there to do so.

Some examples

  • Living at my mums. I have been at my mums for over a year now, putting myself back together and getting re ready for a self sufficient life. It is challenging for me to be in such a small place within my mums home and aura. Some hard core conditioning is still entrapped within me with regards to how difficult I find it being with my mum, but I’ve been living my design, which means waiting. If I ‘feel’ the pull to connect with my mum then I ask her if I can talk to her (as she’s also sacral). But if I’m not asked and I don’t have a question then I don’t really interact. This is how I’m managing my energy. Before living my design I would keep ripping myself open to be seen and get connected to my mum, like ripping the scab off the wound over and over. Now I’m just in my own space, working on myself and responding when asked. I feel super anti social, but I’m just living how it is.
  • Looking for my own home. I have found in my experiment that the most biggest pressing things in my life have had me gietting no response from my sacral. I’ve at times been utterly freaking out about my living arrangements, but whenever I’ve gone against my authority and pushed to make something occur I feel terrible, excruciatingly terrible. And I’ve asked others if they can ask me questions so I can get free, but there’s been no response. NO RESPONSE. No responsssssssse. Ra Uru Hu, the guy who brought Human Design to us says “If there is no response it is because there is no decision to be made.” This is so true and I’m learning to trust it more but still massively struggling with it. The mind thinks it needs to push, but the body knows better.
  • Not being in contact with people – this has been agony, but, simultaneously teaching me about how my energy is spent. I am 100 times more aware now of my ‘leakage’ than I was a year ago. I have been having such little contact with people that you would think my sacral would scream out an ‘UHUH!’ to any kind of invitation. But it doesn’t. It knows when I’ve got energy and when I haven’t. It is ruthless. If I don’t have the energy it’s a clear UHUN. Or, no sound at all, which basically means NO. A definite yes always has a clear response.
  • That response doesn’t mean being rigid. In the beginning I was intense with it, I still am, but I’ve tuned to some of the finer sacral frequencies now. I definitely need solid things to respond to when it comes to people. And I’ve been learning that it’s ok to ask others questions. I am basically way more in tune with the language of my body and as a result more flexible. I’ve really learned to keep my energies in. I’m still learning. But one telling thing is that I have had terrible pain and crunchiness in my neck for 8 months. I think it’s maybe in part connected to the cancer, which was tumour on my shoulder, but it’s also connected to the rigid breaking down of connection between head and body. My first year has had me cut off from following my mind. And a seizing up of the neck came upon me. Now I’m riding the subtleties more easily I’m able to start moving my neck again.

What’s Been Happening Most Recently

Skin cancer

In October I was diagnosed with a type of skin cancer. This was terrifying for me. I know I said that people had really dropped away, but if there were time when it felt like the red seas had parted friends and family up both sides but nothing to meet me head on, then the cancer diagnosis did that. I have never felt so isolated in my whole life. I’d had 7 months of aura training to notice that me running to anyone was fear. I had to wait to receive love. And the only place I was getting it was from myself. I saw initially a couple of friends once or twice, but then EVERYBODY was gone. I had no support around me when I most needed it. I had one or two friends to see every now and then, but I wanted more. There was no one and nothing to respond to. And I was shaking in my boots with fear. I decided to make up a support group on my inner realms, which was probably exactly what I needed to learn and do.

A few months on I’m realising that my energy, my healing focus, my affirmation work, my mindset will have been diffused if I’d have had too many outside influences and opinions coming in. It’s all been teaching me about reserving my energy.

Starting My Online Business with The Six Figure Mentors

The cancer Chuck-Norris-Swipe-Kicked me up the ass and got me affirming my pants off and getting myself mentally primed to support myself with thoughts, love and healthy action.

I spent my 40th In Switzerland with my dear friend Olga. She asked me and I responded! Thank you Olga! I think I would have lost it at that point on my own, with nothing to respond to, freaked out with cancer and turning 40. I spent my whole time there affirming, recording audio’s of my affirmations, drawing and creating images to go with each affirmation, making videos, sharing them on YouTube. Because of these offerings I started to share more about the cancer. I was busy busy busy saying affirmations to keep my thoughts high instead of terrorising. Olga was also affirming wealth in a 90 day challenge, so I joined in.

One of my favourite affirmations is this –

“I work in creative collaboration with smart inspiring people on projects that contribute to the well being of humanity”

On December 12th, my dearly departed dad’s birthday, I responded to an advert on YouTube. It wasn’t a question, it was that deeper subtle response that I spoke about earlier. It came through me with power ‘MMMmmmmmmmmm!’ Eagerness and readiness, response, sounds, but without the direct question (a turning point in my experiment)

I followed the response in my body and within the next few hours I had signed up and become a member of The Six Figure Mentors.

I spent the next couple of weeks quite fired up, slightly manic, affirming my health and leaning all about affiliate marketing. I was on fire.

I had been affirming my life to be purposeful, creative, inspiring, empowering, healthy, prosperous and so much more and then The SFM showed up with a solution to all of that.

A couple of weeks later I had a business call with one of their business coaches Mark Hayes. I made it clear upfront by saying “Look. I respond, from my gut, to yes/no questions. I do not make decisions from my head. It would be really super beneficial for me if you could just ask me questions. Can you do that?” Funnily enough he said ‘Uhuh!’ He went on to ask me about my investment in the business system and I clearly responded to becoming an Elite Member. Not any other member, an Elite member.

I dived in to the training and have been having ‘A-ha’ after ‘A-ha!’ after ‘A-ha!’ since joining. I have had multiple responses to stuff within my training since joining. In a mere 3 months I have learned and done so much, this website being one of the things I’ve created, all with total support from The SFM.

If you would like to know more about The SFM you can click on this link and get access to their FREE Video Bootcamp Series . Would you like to? I invite you to! Go on, click manifestor! Reflector, you know it’s here now, come back in month if it feels right then!

It’s Been One Hell of a Year!

Well, I honestly feel like all the waiting, all the alone time, all the energy saving, all the reflecting and clearing, all the healing has been getting me ready for something monumental to respond to. Building my own business for the first time ever is pretty monumental and not something I would have been able to get stuck into with distractions and leakages going on.

It’s cancer that fired me up. I now realise that my body needs love through ways that I’ve not been able to provide before – home, finances for healing, travel, education, growth, learning, health.

I am on a journey and it’s a sacral one. My UHUH’S lead my way x thank you for reading

There’s a LOT I haven’t covered here. But now I have a website and lots of sharing and blogging to do I am more regularly going to share my HD experiences and learnings and shatterings, so please come back again.

Here’s some links

If you would like to find out more about human design and learn what type you are and what strategy and authority you have go here and ‘get you free rave chart’

If you want to know what I’m doing to develop, grow and transform my beautiful self and life check out The Six Figure Mentors. They are AMAZING!

So much Love x

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6 Replies to “My Human Design Experiment – Year 1”

  1. Really well written Lexi! i have a much clearer understanding of HD and how you’ve been living this past year. i have thought of you often. Would you like to see me again? Would you travel to Glasgow? (I just read a lovely card you sent me years ago just the other day. My Mum’s dead 18 years too). Xx Pam

    • UHUH! To seeing you!! No response yet to Glasgow, but could you ask me again another time? I would love to visit Glasgow at some point x body may just be saying ‘Hold up! I’ve not the energy for that right now!’ Thanks for talk the time to read Pam x x x sending love x x x

  2. Alexa

    I started to read this because I felt, I thought I should, because I promised to watch your videos, it seemed to make sense in the head that I should follow you blog link and read. I thought I’d get a short read out Liver cleansing or something as, let’s be honest gross ( to my limited thinking).

    But no, I read and I read, I go through disbelief, judgemental thoughts in the brain, I think bad thoughts, I read and read and I learn and I find my soul ( lives in my chest, you might call it a heart) jumps for joy, as I type this I feel like crying ( weird ! ).

    I’m going to follow that link and read some more.

    Alexa Allen you are an amazing soul and I’m honoured to have the pleasure of watching your 90 day challenge in the SFM.

    To your success, a love the ;-
    “I work in creative collaboration with smart inspiring people on projects that contribute to the well being of humanity”.

    Question: Do you want me to inform you of a typo?

    Yours Kev x

    • Uhuh! Would you like to inform me of a typo?!!! I think I know the typo you mean!! So pleased you enjoyed the read x I certainly don’t always write about ‘gross liver cleansing’ stuff! Here’s a big tip for an ’emotional’ (manifesting generator) like yourself – the biggest tip I know to give you about your authority – you are NOT designed to make decisions in the now. You have an emotional wave that you need to surf before making any decision, before coming to any ‘uhuh’ or ‘uhun’. That wave surfing may take seconds, or years, but you must follow your emotional waves before making a decision. If someone tries to pressure you to get you to say yes or no right in the moment, that’s not correct for you. Everything deserves some emotional time, like I said, even if it’s seconds. And then you will come to ’emotional’ clarity. You CAN trust your emotions. For me, as a sacral I can’t. I have to trust my gut. you still have a gut response, but it comes after you’ve surfed your emotional wave. I hope that makes sense!

      It’s great to be on this journey with you Kevin. Bloody great! That affirmation is a corker hey, exactly where I’m finding myself! x x x

  3. Oh, Wow Alexa!! The Abundance you sent me is still hanging from my living room mirror and I think of you every day. Your website looks fantastic, I have watched you morph over the last few months in your SFM business and I am proud of you! You are a true inspiration. Loved this well written article and am now off to get my rave chart! Before I do, I must also congratulate you on your fantastic artwork – you are so talented!

    All the very best of everything from the universe coming your way.
    Much love
    Tina xx

    • Hi Tina! Thanks for taking the time to read! I am so chuffed you are getting your rave chart. Any questions, just ask!!!! Thanks for being proud of me! I am morphing x slowly, gradually, powerfully x we all are x x x we are so blessed to be part of SFM hey. Mega blessed. My sacral says so!!! xxx

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