Transcendental Meditation Check In x


I learned Transcendental Meditation early 2012.

I’d never had any success with meditating prior to this. Just couldn’t do it, unless it was a guided audio.

But with TM, it all just slipped into place.

This is because TM teaches the importance of the ‘thinking’ that happens during meditation, rather than accentuating the ‘problem’ of it.

What used to happen for me, was that I would deeply resist meditating. I couldn’t bare the idea of having all these thoughts in my head that ‘weren’t supposed to be there’ – Uhum, that’s an erroneous belief.

TM teaches you that the thinking that’s happening is ‘stress release’, a byproduct of your mantra burrowing it’s way down beyond thesource of thought, and therefore releasing pockets and bubbles and streams of thought into your mind.

TM is neither contemplative not concentrative. You are just innocently allowing your mantra to ‘be there’.

It’s a really simple technique and has definitely been my answer to having a successful daily meditating routine.

Check Ins

Every now and then, as someone who has received the TM training, you get invited to a TM Check In.

These are great because the teacher just talks you through the do’s and dont’s and helps you regain your clarity, if you feel you’ve strayed off course.

It’s easy to stray off course and start thinking things like ‘Shit! Am I doing this properly? I’m thinking too much!’ 

The Check Ins are a reminder that you’re doing it perfectly.

I think we start doubting how we’re doing it because it is such a simple and effortless technique.

The biggest reminder that I’m taking away from todays refresher is this –

When you stop meditating (meaning when the 20 minutes is up and you let your mantra go) take at least 2 minutes of silence with your eyes closed before getting into ANY action.

This is becasue TM takes you deep, even though it often doesn’t feel like it does.

If you stop meditating and just get up and move straight into action, you are setting up a path of irritation and frustration in front of you. This happens because the body has not been given the time and space to shift from the deep state brought about by TM to the state of action. There is a LOT happening physiologically at this time. When you let the mantra go there needs to be space to recalibrate, readjust and to get ready for action.

Infact, a wee nap is recommended straight after meditating, if one has the time.

So that’s the best re-learning I’ve taken away from today.

It’s the best because it is NOT what I’ve been doing.

I’ve been meditating, hearing the bell, giving it a few seconds and then moving into action.

I’ve also been experiencing a LOT of frustration.

Therefore, as from tomorrow morning I am going to meditate and leave 3 minutes of post meditative chill, and pay CLOSE attention to how this impacts my daily state of being x

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