How To Do A Liver Flush

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‘Cleaning the liver bile ducts is the most powerful procedure that you can do to improve your body’s health.’

Dr Hulda Clark.

This evening I went round to my friend Tony Taylors house.  Tony knows a lot about healing your body from cancer and has been sharing with me many different methods and supplements you can practice and take to bring your body back into a state of optimum health.

One of these methods is ‘Liver Flushing

I’ve not done a liver flush before and am aiming to do one in a couple of weeks when I’ll be on my own in the country. If anyone wants to join me I’ll be doing my first one on Saturday 21st of February. I’ll be following up with 4 more flushes every two or three weeks after that first one. And then once or twice a year.

The written instructions are below, but here’s me on Live Flush day getting prepared –

Instead of me writing about it I’ve nicked the email Tony sent me earlier (Thanks Tony!) I’ll write more about it when I come out the other side, with my own experience. These are the instructions I’ll be following –

How To Do A Liver Flush

liver flush
stones that are released from the liver

The results of a liver flush are astounding and almost everyone over 20 years old will pass stones out from the gall bladder into the small intestine where they are excreted in the faeces. Each stone contains a clump of bacteria at its centre which is surrounded by cholesterol. The stones block the bile ducts and prevent them from producing enough bile. This encourages harmful bacteria to grow and strains the function of the liver and gallbladder.

‘No stomach infection such as ulcers or intestinal bloating can be cured permanently without removing these gallstones from the liver.’ Dr Hulda Clark

For best results it is advised that you do a liver flush after having done the Candida Cleanse for a minimum of one month. This detox requires you to follow strict instructions for about 24 hours. ( The best candida cleanse is the CCWS)

Five days before you start the liver flush drink one litre of sour apple juice or sour cherry juice a day. This will help stimulate the production of bile so you will have a good amount of bile in your gallbladder. This will help to flush the stones out.

For the liver flush you will need:liver flush stuff

4 table spoons of Epsom salts

½ cup of Olive oil

2/3 to ¾ cup of Grapefruit juice

4-8 Ornithine

Pint jar with lid

The day you intend to do the liver flush


Take four drinking glasses and fill them halfway with clean, warm water. In each glass place 1 level tablespoon of Epsom salts. Stir and let the Epsom salts crystals dissolve over the course of the day.

Pour half a cup of olive oil into a lidded glass jar and place in the fridge.

It is vital not to have any fat whatsoever during the morning so that the bile is not used and is saved for the flush. Therefore from when you wake up until 2pm eat plain foods such as quinoa or millet porridge, eat raw vegetables or steam or boil them. Butternut squash and sweet potatoes are good foods to eat. It is important to eat plenty of these foods in the morning and at lunch time in order to keep your strength up and drink plenty of warm water to keep hydrated.


From 2pm do not eat anything at all. Keep drinking as much warm water as you like.


At 6pm drink one of the glasses of Epsom salts solution. Sip some warm water in between, but not too much.

At 8pm drink another glass of the Epsom salts solution. Sip a little warm water as needed , but not too much.

At 9:30 pour half a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice into the glass jar of olive oil.

Take this glass jar up to bed and prepare your bed so you are perfectly comfortable and relaxed. Take a hot water bottle if you wish. Now visit the bathroom for one last time if you need to.

At 10pm shake the glass jar with the grapefruit and olive oil mix and drink. As you drink the mixture take 4 to 6 Ornithine tablets. (If you generally have trouble sleeping then take up to 8.) This helps removes ammonia and toxins from the body and you will need an extra amount of Ornithine for this evening. If you don’t take Ornithine you may have a rough night and not sleep well.

Lie down and make sure you’re totally comfortable, that the pillows are at the perfect height and everything is easy. The more you relax and the stiller you are, the more stones will come out. Make sure you lie still and on your back. Most of the stones tend to pass between 20 minutes to 2 hours after drinking the mixture so use this time wisely by really relaxing and hopefully falling asleep you may get a feeling you want to do a pooh, this will be the stones passing through just stay still and relax. You may want to use visualisation techniques and picture the stones coming out or any relaxation techniques such as soft music in the back ground.

The Next Morning

When you get up in the morning (don’t get up before 6am), drink a little water and another glass of the dissolved Epsom salts and go back to bed. From now on you can drink as much water as you like to rehydrate your body and to flush the stones out of the intestines.

Two hours after the first Epsom salts of the morning, drink the last glass of Epsom salts and rest. In this time you will more than likely pass a lot of small green stones.

Congratulations, you have just cleaned your gall bladder.

A couple of hours after passing the gall stones you can eat again (around 11am). Begin with some light food like a bowl of soup or some fruit and build up slowly. Take the time to relax in the afternoon to nurture your body, by supper time you should feel recovered.

This detox will help relieve pain in the liver or right shoulder, clear fatty foods, help any digestive problems and get rid of toxins. The major benefits are increased energy, a healthier digestive system and decreased back pain.

After you’ve done one flush the stones which were stacked up behind come forward and so you may need to do 4 or 5 flushes to clear the gallbladder completely of stones. Do this detox once a year as on-going maintenance for amazing health.

Wishing you an amazing flush


For more inspiring workshops with Tony for Alkalising Cooking demonstrations,

How To Create Your Own Tonic Bar and much more, please contact Tony

T: 01803 605494


Wishing us all an amazing flush too! Alexa x Thank you Tony Taylor x x x

2 Replies to “How To Do A Liver Flush”

  1. OMG – My ex husband had his gall bladder removed and it was a painful wait for the surgery. So when I saw this blog, I thought for a minute I might join you in your Liver flush. Hmmmm, after having read the instructions, I am sure the only bit of that I can do is the bit where I get to lay down!! Epsom salts, really? Ewww. Sorry Alexa – I think I will wait until I have a stronger resolution before I attempt this! Good Luck though. I am sure you will be all the better for it.

    I read somewhere this week that margarine has got many of the same chemicals in it as is found in household paint – What are we doing to our bodies? I feel amazingly blessed that I have some good farm shops here so the food is in much better shape than the wrapped stuff in most supermarkets.

    All the best – looking forward to your blog on 1 March 😉

    • Hi Tina x x Yes! Epsom salts! This process is remarkably healing for the whole body x I know many who have done it and had extraordinary results x This will be my first time however!

      Have you seen the pictures on google of what a gall bladder looks like filled with stomes? Man Alive! I couldn’t even share it on my blog, it made me feel so weird. But, what’s weirder is that we end up having things removed when we could do some detoxing ourselves.

      I aim to do 5 this year, and then just 1 or two a year as maintanance x yes, keep your eyes peeled for the blog AND PICTURES that I’ll share!

      So Much Love x x x

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