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Many of you reading this post may be familiar with human design but many of you might not be.

Because my blog is all about me sharing my life with you, the; healing, growth, and transformation, human design is inevitably going to be interwoven throughout many of my posts.

This is because Human Design is a big part of my life.

Living The Human Design Experiment

I am living my human design. To live your human design means to enter into a radical 7 year long body consciousness experiment where you learn to reclaim your inner authority back from your mind giving it back to the correct place within you where it belongs. In the BODY.

Your authority, your truth, your wisdom belongs in different places depending upon your own human design, and what ‘type’ of aura you have.

So for those of you visiting my site who are new to Human Design I am going to start sharing with you what I know and what I’m learning, because, when you really start paying attention to this incredible science, and you start to incorporate it into your life – big changes happen.

Human Design – Your True Path

If you’re anything like me then you may have gotten to a place in your life where the only thing that brings you relief and satisfaction is to know that you are living your truth.

Well, if your true path is what you are after Human Design will bring that to you, regardless of your interests, beliefs, religious leanings etc. You are mapped out in a very specific and unique way. Human Design shows you the blueprint of you, and it shows you how to navigate life by working with that blueprint in very practical ways. These practical ways of navigating life are called strategy and authority and it’s all about the decision making process.

Everything in life comes down to the choices we make hey?

Living your human design brings you into alignment with your truth because it brings you into your body, out of your mind and into the flow of what the Universe is bringing to you.

So if you feel called to live your true path I recommend getting a human design analysis done, taking that huge giant leap, and committing to your strategy and authority.

It is a radical path. It’s not for everyone and it is pretty hardcore. But, if you manage it life will open up to you in ways not experienced before. 

Find out more about my experiment here

I am 1 year into the 7 year experiment as a pure sacral generator and it’s been 12 months of bloody torture, in many ways. I wrote a blog about my first year which you can read here.  12 months in I am now really starting to see how me and my aura have been tidying ourselves up! We are really starting to speak the same language and the result is that I now know what direction I need to go in each day. And that direction is getting more and more harmonious, flowing and satisfactory for me.

The Different Human Design Types/Auras

There are 4 different types in Human Design and by type I mean ‘type of aura’. The different auras behave in different ways, very different ways.

The types are-

  • The Manifestor
  • The generator – the Sacral Generator and The Emotional Generator
  • The Projector
  • The reflector

I’m going to start with my type of aura, the most common, the generator. There are two types of generator, the sacral generator and the emotional, I’m the sacral type.

Sacral Generators are designed to wait and to respond to the questions that life brings them. Questions that are yes/no directed get a response from the sacral generators gut. Basically a ‘yes’ response sounds like an ‘Uhuh!’ and a ‘no’ response sounds like a ‘Uhun’ or like a growl!

When these questions come and a response follows the Sacral Generators job is to honour the response. If they respond to a question then they have to move in the direction of the response, as this is life showing them the way.

The sacral is impeccably honest, it knows the route it wants you to take and it may have a very different idea than your mind. This is why the experiment takes 7 years, cause choosing to follow your gut pisses the mind off and sends it into overdrive.

However, over time, there is a surrendering and Body Wisdom starts to develop. The mind begins to quieten down and you begin to trust and follow life more.

Instead of me going more deeply into this I’m going to hand you over to the excellent John Martin.  John Martin has been living his design for a long time and he really knows his stuff and explains human design brilliantly and enthusiastically in his videos!  So instead of me beefing it out from my limited knowledge I’m going to share with you some videos of John.

But before I do – remember this . . .

Although Human Design is a profoundly deep, rich and uncannily accurate science, there’s really only two things you need to know and follow/honour, and that’s your strategy and your authority. If you know nothing else about your design but you follow your strategy and authority then you would be living your design.

I recommned studying it further, because it’s so bloody fascinating, but just knowing and practicing your strategy and authority is not only a good start, it is the way.

To find out your human design type go to and get your free rave chart. You do need to know your birth time/date and place, and birth time needs to be correct.

The rave chart will tell you what type you are; generator, manifesting generator, manifestor, projector or reflector and once you know what type you are – start researching. I will bring you info on each type into my blog over time, but for now I’m going to hand you over to John who will expain what the generator is all about

And get prepared – John Martin is totally living his truth! He’s full of energy and doing things his absolute own way. I’m telling you though, this guy knows his stuff –

Want to know more about your human design? go to 

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