“My Yearning” By Alexa Allen – Original Song

my yearning original song by alexa allen

This original song (video below) came about as a result of practicing NVC (non violent communication)

When I first started practicing NVC I was doing it to find a way of being able to more deeply express my own truth, feelings and needs, as well as being able to hear that more clearly from others.

My practice pissed a few people off.

I was attempting to get into deeper contact with and share more of what was really and truthfully alive in me.

People sometimes feel threatened by powerful changes we make.

This song came forth from me as a result of losing a couple of friends to my truth x

I hope you enjoy my song x

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p.s – I have no special recording equipment, I’m recording raw straight into an iPod. I’m just doing it to get it out. Raw, unpolished, gritty, out of practice, but hey! I love myself enough to allow myself to share what is nowhere near my inner perfectionists level! Who gives a shit! If there’s one person who enjoys and feels moved by my song that’s good enough for me!!!

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4 Replies to ““My Yearning” By Alexa Allen – Original Song”

  1. lovely voice and text need work on guitar playing love you peace all around
    some one you don’t know xxx

    • I barely pick up the guitar! Sharing anyway x it’s good to share all our unpolished qualities x Thanks for leaving a message! xx

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