8 Powerful Ways to Use Your Future to Create Your Life


In today’s blog I am going to share with you 8 powerful ways to create your life using your future self.

Why engaging your future self is powerful NOW!

I don’t know about you but I know that for me my past can really get in the way of me fulfilling my dreams.

Although I’m not a big one for dwelling too much in the past I have had a habit of using the past to create new crappy stories in my head. You know, take some gnarly unresolved ‘feeling’ and situation and spin it into a newer more uncomfortable scenario! When I catch myself doing this, the scenario I’m creating (one that hasn’t happened yet) is usually a scenario for one reason and one reason only – it’s a place for me to express/release my angst. And I only do that because I hold it back so much in my life.

But hey, I’m learning, lots!

One thing I’m learning from witnessing this default setting in my psyche is that when I allow my mind to do what it’s been trained and conditioned to do, then I pretty much feel like shit all of the time.

That sloppy, lazy tendency of my mind to dredge through and drag up nasty feeling stuff is exhausting and not enjoyable, so I’ve been hard at work to clear it all out, which makes for a healthier state of alignment and a better direction in front of me.

There are copious amounts of energy healing techniques that I practice; EFT, TAT, Donna Eden’s Energy Routine, Temporal Tapping, NLP, Meditation etc. But there’s one thing that I love more than anything and that is TO PLAY.

Playfulness is KEY!

I have always had quite an ‘out there’ imagination. As a kid I would quite often be the one dreaming up crazy adventures and games to play, engaging every aspect of imagination that I could. I would be the one to manifest alternate realities! And nowadays I like to stay deeply connected with my inner child self, as I believe kids are geniuses, basically.

My inner child is happiest when emerged in the midst of imagination and when you combine these two aspects – inner child + imagination it makes for an explosive concoction of creativity.

I am learning that by anchoring these energies I am able to ‘manifest‘ with more joy, more laughter, more certainty, more ease.

And this is because the very core of it, the very reason for doing it, is for the fun it brings into life right now and a result of that is that it will also allow your future to manifest in the direction of your desires.

I can write things down, I can draw pictures, I can meditate, I can visualise and all of these practices are good and super useful, but hands down, what I enjoy the most is connecting with another willing participant and bringing in the unlimited future into the now through various methods ‘sharing’.

This is very empowering

The only problem for me (presently, but not for my future self) is that I don’t have that many willing participants to play along with me!

Most people find it ridiculous or even threatening to ‘play’ in ones future. And I understand that. But once you allow yourself to just let go . . . it feels amazing.

If you are lucky enough to have someone in your life who is willing to play then you are really truly blessed. You can share these activities with just yourself but these games are so much more powerful when being played with someone else.

So, on that note I am going to share with you 10 ways that you can create and manifest your life by using your future self. Don’t worry if I’m not making sense yet, in the steps I will explain.

8 Powerful Ways to Use Your Future to Create Your Life

  • Make Future Phone Calls

This is super powerful. I first had this idea about 7 years ago when running a business with my dear friend Olga. At the time we were quite stressed with the tasks that we were needing to fulfil to get our business up and running, and often it was not feeling playful!. It was feeling intense and serious. So, I suggested to Olga that we step out of time and call each other from the future so that we could manifest more playfully.

We were both appreciating the teachings of Jack Canfield at the time, so I suggested using the name ‘Jack Canfield‘ as a password, meaning, each time we called each other up from the future, if either one of us said ‘Jack Canfield‘ it meant that we were to export ourselves to 1 year ahead.

So, for example, instead of it being March 19th 2007 it would become March 19th 2008 instantly. At which point we would talk like we hadn’t spoken to each other for a whole year and we had so much to share! A whole years worth of achievements, experience, growth and transformation!

The Rule – One rule we had was to ‘Be Unlimited’! To use this experience not to act slightly transformed, but instead, to act MEGA transformed. To talk and share and imagine from as joyful a point as you could imagine, in such a way that the sharing would fire us up with excitement, joy, laughter and feel good feelings.

We had so much fun playing this game for the time that we did. It really helped us to track our paths.

Not only is it fun and frequency shifting but the ideas that come pouring out of you come from an truly inspired place! New ideas of brilliance come out once you open up the floodgates to joy and playfulness.

Do you believe me? Try it!

  • Write Emails From The Future

I practiced this one for a while with my friend Nina. She was so desperate to have a baby in her life that I suggested “Hey, why don’t you start emailing me as if you have? I would love to hear what your life sounds like when that is fulfilled.”

And so we started emailing each other with the word ‘ON’ placed in the subject bar, the word ‘ON‘ being the sign that we are sharing from the future.

However, this experience for me was more about reading about Nina’s future self at the time. I didn’t get as engaged as I could as I was deeply submerged in health problems at the time and suffering so much resistance. (I’m out of that now!) But Nina played and often sent me ‘ON’ emails and a couple of years later that little healthy baby became manifest!

TIP: So if you like this idea just find a friend, anywhere in the world who is willing to play, willing to be your play-along ‘Future Accountability Partner!’ and agree with each other to write/report to each other once a week from your expanded futures. Also, make sure to respond to each other from that space, this is what helps it to grow and become realised.

  • Make Recordings From the Future

This is a great way to create your life – Do you have an iPod or smart phone or something that you can record your voice onto?? I have an iPod and I have a really good app on it called ‘Voice Record‘ that enables me to save recordings as mp3s that I can email and use in other applications.

I like to make recordings of myself talking to myself from the future. Basically I’m tapping into my Higher Self and asking her what would she say to me now to keep me on track, keep me heading in the most harmonious direction for me. I ask and imagine the responses and write them down. Then I record them into my iPod with some nice music in the back ground and plug in and listen to it as I go about my daily chores.

Basically what I am sharing with myself from my future self is reassurance and encouragement

  • “You are heading in the right direction”
  • “Keep doing what you’re doing every day, I am living example that your efforts pay off”
  • “Your life is so amazing”
  • “Thank you for every effort you make! Look where I am now!”
  • “ You are doing a wonderful job. Keep being you”

To hear my own voice reassuring myself over and over again just derails that inner critic default thinker and instead I start listening and believing.

Try it!

  • Send Messages From your Future Self.

There’s actually an app called ‘HiFutureSelf’ that I have on my iPad. You program into it messages that it then sends to you at programmed times each day. I save affirmations into mine and then when I’m creating or researching on my iPad these lush messages pop up like

  • “I work in creative collaboration with smart inspiring people on projects that contribute to the well being of humanity”
  • “I am in perfect healthy”
  • “Every day in every way I am getting better and better and better”

I like receiving these little, but powerful reminders.

  • Send Letters to Yourself From Your Future

I’ve only ever done this and posted them a couple of times, The first time was when I was doing an internship for Oxfam Scotland, I was the Regional Support executive for Oxjam Scotland that year. In a execs meeting in Oxfam house we had to all write ourselves congratulatory letters, celebrating and thanking ourselves for having raised the target amount we were aiming for. So we had to place ourselves in the future and write from there. We then handed the letter over to our managers so that they could post them out to us in 6 months time.

We worked hard and exceeded our targets and then I received this very beautiful celebratory letter from myself! It was so lovely reading that letter. In fact it made me cry to realise that my future self, my higher self, could see more clearly than I could. I gave myself a big hug and sat down and wrote some more letters to myself, from my future, letters I would stash around the place. I still find these letter every now and then.

TIP: If you have a very organised friend ask them if you can give them a bunch of pre written stamped and addressed letters to yourself and ask them to send them out to you on pre planned or random dates

It feels so good to get a hand written letter. It’s amazing getting one from yourself form your future! They are spot on!

  • Create Future Time Portals

Find a friend who is playful, imaginative and willing to step out of the apparent reality that is about us right now. The ‘apparent reality’ is after all just an accumulation and appearance of everything that has gone on in the past.

Therefore, it makes sense to me that in order to beckon forth your future in a powerful, deliberate, directional way, then go there and start attracting it forth through the pulling, creative power of your imagination.

When you’ve got that friend and you’re about to hook up, ask them that when you meet to have a hug and through that hug to be transported 1 year in to the future. Go nuts and get all excited about having not seen each other for a whole year and then spend your time together unleashing your imagination and sharing all the brilliant experiences you’ve been having, all the challenges you’ve over come, all the satisfactions you’ve had in your past imaginary year. This is an excellent opportunity to deliberately and massively create your life. Go for it. It’s FUN!

I promise you, that will have been extra good, quality time spent together.

My Story: I have a friend I can do this with, my dear friend Oaken. He buggered off to India for a few weeks so I haven’t played for a while, but as soon as I see him we will transport!

I was playing this with Oaken every time we hooked up prior to me discovering The SFM. It is such a powerful game. Both Oaken and myself found that we were exploding with creative ideas and solutions. We walked into town, remaining in our future selves, and connected up with others who asked us what we were up to, and of course we were sharing from our future selves all these projects we had up and running. Before we knew it we had other’s interested in our excellent plans.

Getting out on the leading edge of the future is like being out on the edge of a whirlpool. You ARE going to get sucked in. And what you get sucked in to is what Abraham Hicks calls ‘The Vortex’.

  • The Secret Mirror

This has only been introduced to me in the last two days. Joe Vitales Secret Mirror work.

Basically he tells you to imagine that there is another earth, with another you on it, but it’s 6 months in the future and the ‘YOU’ that lives on this earth has overcome all of your present challenges and knows exactly the steps they’ve take to overcome them.

How To Do It: Get yourself prepared and allow yourself to ‘imagine’ that when you are looking into a mirror you are looking into the wisdom of your other future self.

Look into their eyes and ask them questions like

  • “How did you overcome that problem?”
  • “What advice can you give me to help me out of this rut?”

Look into their eyes and be open, receptive to what comes up for you. Allow yourselves to transport. Allow yourself the Divine necessity of heeding your higher self’s advice.

Do this regularly. Every time you find a block in your life look into the Secret Mirror.

This exercise is about noticing the blocks you have and connecting with your wiser, higher, future self to find the ways through, the solutions to get you moving in their direction, to their point which has already been fulfilled.

  • Hold Future Dinner Parties.

Now, this one is my favourite but I haven’t actually done it yet, It’s my idea  and it will happen. My future self has already shared it with me!

What To Do:  Figure out exactly who and how you want to be experiencing life in 5 years time.  Ask yourself these questions

  • “What am I doing in my life?”
  • “How am I spending my time?”
  • “What’s making me really happy?”
  • “In which ways am I being creative?”
  • “What are my relationships like?”
  • “What is my home like?”
  • “How are my finances?”

And let yourself respond to these questions in an expansive flowering way. Don’t hold back.

To create the space for our dreams to appear we have to stretch that space first with our imagination. So THINK BIG.

Now, imagine that a group of friends are doing the same thing – embodying their fulfilled future selves, getting to know what life is like out there on the future edge.

Now, imagine that you are going to throw a dinner party for all participants and there’s one rule

The One Rule – when they cross the threshold into the dinner party venue Future Self comes full on into play.

  • Everyone is in their future self.
  • Everyone is sharing from their future self.
  • Everyone is celebrating each other in their future selves.
  • Everyone is respecting and encouraging everything that is coming forth form each other.

Remember the power of imagination and playfulness. The idea here is NOT to pooh pooh each others reachings, but instead to encourage them.

Remember, when you out on this future edge, the more enthusiasm you can pour into the mix the faster the vortex spins, and when you are in the vortex, well, that’s where magic and manifestation happens.

Remain entirely in your expanded future/higher selves through out the whole party and do NOT leave that space until you cross the threshold and head home, by which time you’ll probably be so juiced up you’ll remain in that expanded space anyway!


Like I said I’m yet to do it. This is because I nee a powerful tribe of deliberate creators to play this game. It won’t work otherwise.

But luckily for me The SFM is jammed packed with like minded powerful deliberate creators, so that dinner party is there waiting to happen . . .. .

I hope you have enjoyed these suggestions.

Please report back to me when you experiment I am eager to know what your experiences are x

And please, if you feel like playing any of these games with me, just ask!!

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  1. ‘on’ I so thoroughly enjoyed this read, it took me back to when we met, and before too long we had crossed seas and had THAT dinner party. So much has happened and life is beyond all that we dreamt. It is such a blessing to have you in our lives, Alex you are 1:400,000,000,000! love you heaps sistaxx Angx/

    • ‘on’ – Wow!! Hi Darling!!! Great to hear from you!! I’ve only just left you in sunny Oz! Thanks for having me stay at your fabulous loving home! And OH! The fun we had hey!! It really only seems like yesterday that we met x t’s amazing to see how far we have come i such a short space of time, time that has been well spent and thoroughly enjoyed every step of the way!!! I am so blessed to have you lot in my life and super blessed to be able to connect with you and hang out in whatever beautiful spot on this beautiful planet we choose!!! And, since becoming DEA Diamond members, along with Kevin Humphreys and many others of our TRIBE, life has become extra-ordinary! So looking forward to when we next hang out! Wooo Hoooo!!!!

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