The16 Arch Angels and How They Can Help You

arch angels

Today, whilst out on my coastal stroll, I was having my daily chat with the Arch Angels, asking and thanking them for all of their guidance and support in my life, and I came to wondering how many others are aware of the Arch Angels and the ways in which they can assist us in our lives.

I then decided that for todays blog I’d share the info that I put together to help myself learn about and connect with the Arch Angels.

If you feel that you would like some support in certain areas of your life and you haven’t yet called upon the Arch Angels, I recommend you at least give it a try and just watch and see what happens. Would you like to give it a try?

Back in 2011 I did an online course with Doreen Virtue learning all about the Arch Angels;  who they are, what their specific jobs are, how we can  most powerfully connect with them and how they can powerfully assist us in the many different areas of our lives. 

I connect with them on a daily basis and at any time I feel that I am needing help with something.


Here’s How I Connect 

  • When I connect I either ask directly

for example  –

“Dearest Arch Angel Chamuel, please can you help me find a really yummy, comfortable, affordable, safe place to live?”


“Dearest Arch Angel Gabriel, please can you help me write in such a way that I can empower myself and others in the process?”

  • Or, I give thanks for what I’m needing help with  

for example –

“Dearest Arch Angel Michael, thank you for keeping me safe, protected and strong. Thank you for surrounding me in your wings”


“Dearest Arch Angel Raguel, thank you for helping me to experience mutual love, acceptance, understanding and respect in all of my relationships”

I then trust and experience their intervention.


How Can The Arch Angels help YOU?

Each Arch Angel helps in a different area of life, which you’ll see below

I’m sharing with you an image I created (The one at the top of this blog post, I have this image up on my bedroom wall) and this text box that gives a little bit more information

Arch Angel Colour Crystal Specialities
Arch Angel Ariel Pale pink Rose quartz The Lioness of God. Nature, close to earth, call upon for manifestation of earthly needs, finances, she know how to usher material needs in very quickly. Ask to come in surround you and ask for clear guidance for material needs to be met, especially to support divine life purpose
Arch Angel Azriel Creamy white Yellow calcite, Helps cross over newly departed souls, helps heart to heal over any form of loss, grief, changes, Azriel is male energy (. . or pale white stones that are milky)
Arch Angel Chamuel Pale greenfluorite Peridot The eyes of God, she helps you find whatever it is you’re looking for. Ask yourself “what is it I’m looking for?” – job, life purpose, soul mate, keys, place of living, peace, happiness? What is the next step? what is it I desire?
Arch Angel Gabriel Trumpet – copper Copper, copper coloured crystals Female energy, the messenger angel who teaches us how to be messengers ourselves – writer, speaker. A nudging angel! Will push you to complete tasks. Helps parents who want to conceive or adopt, beautiful magical nanny, infertility issues, helps those wanting to help children
Arch Angel Haniel Pale blue moonstone Feminine energy, full moon light, pure angel helps with feminine energies, PMS, menopause, clairvoyance, intuition, receptivity, if always giving and need to be able to receive call upon Haniel. Full moon helps us to release
Jeremiel Dark purple amethyst The psychologist, helps you review your life, to look at how things are going and if you need to make changes and how to forgive yourself and others. Whenever we resent or blame ourselves for something Jeremiel can help you to forgive yourself, be willing
Jophiel Dark fushia pink Dark pink tourmaline Beauty, helps to beautify thoughts, uplift feelings, taking responsibility of our lives and thoughts, helps us to commit to everything we speak to come from love, keeping elevated
Metatron Violet and green Watermelon tourmaline Kabala, children’s spiritual development, those who are new upon their spiritual path, knows all universal laws can be worked and changed to support life purpose, can warp time, gravity and anything that seems linear and logical. Helps us get more motivation and helps us to get to where we need to go in ways that logic would tell us is impossible
Michael Royal purple/blue, gold Christ energy sugilite Protection from fear, speaking truth fearlessly, do not be afraid to look at fears as this is the healthy way to release them – breathe deeply, exhale out fears and attachments and give them to God and Arch Angel Michael. Ask that only people and spiritual beings of the highest integrity can come near you
Nathaniel Red Garnet, ruby Angel of life changes, red burns away surface or trivial fears not needed, , holds hand and patiently helps you through life changes
Raguel Pale blue Aqua marine or pale blue zircon Friend of God – Helps with relationship harmony and helps to manifest wonderful new friends, sky blue light, fears of emotional intimacy with others, any time you’ve been hurt in relationships the residue can be transmuted into lessons in love with Raguels help
Raphael Emerald green Emerald malachite Healing – Green, elevates energy of the physical body, helps healers,
Raziel rainbow Clear quartz The Arch Angel of secrets and mysteries, sits so closely to the infinite wisdom of God that he hears all the secrets of the Universe and imparts these secrets to us, helps us understand dreams, to remember and heal past life experiences, sacred geometry, the esoteric, looks like a wizard. Reminds us of the power of the rainbow – our connection to Sirius and other planets, earth garden. Sunlight awakens, stimulates, heals and balances the body. Raziel encourages you to get outside. He teaches us how to heal using crystals and the sunlight that comes through crystals, getting up with sunrise, can visualise sunlight energy. Star light awakens creative centres, rainbow energy comes from our cousins the dolphins whose auras are the full spectrum of sunlight, visualize them around you, reiki energy is rainbow too
Sandalphon. Turquoise turquoise Music and creativity, tallest angel, delivers prayers to heaven , hears prayers clearly, whenever worrying ask please help me with this, helps with music, guide music chicest for healing energy (Metatrons brother)
Uriel Amber yellow amber Intelligence wisdom light, helps clear mind so we can easily focus and concentrate, tap into devine wisdom of true self to find answers we seek, answers or information ask Uriel
Zadkiel Dark blue Lapis lazuli Memory, remembering who we are, our devinity power devine greatness, easily remember things, names facts figures life purpose

I take time each day to connect with the Arch Angels and to give my thanks and ask for their help. They are helping me SO much!

May they help you too x

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