Be Intentional

be intentional

Today I was volunteering some Matrix Re-imprinting work. Whenever I am getting ready to see someone I go through this preparation process so that I am empty and free of agenda. I sit, calm myself, say prayers and thanks, always giving thanks for ‘The Work’ to be flowing through me and not pushed, forced, tried or made happen by me. I then imagine a conversation between myself and the client post session. I imagine them filled with pure energy, smiling and feeling grateful, thanking me for a great session. I exaggerate it a bit, juice the feelings from what I’m imagining, give thanks again and let it go, meaning I stop and come back to reality.

When I was moving through this process today it made me think about the concept of setting intentions. I realised that the reason I do this is because it paves the way, it sets the direction of whatever is going to happen in that room, it lets me off the hook – I don’t need to try and do anything, I just need to be there, present, and trust that it’ll end in a place of mutual gratitude and appreciation. And it got me thinking “Hang on! This is something I naturally do when prepping to give my undivided, deep, listening, attention to a client, why don’t I do it in all other areas of MY friggin life?”

I wouldn’t go into a healing space with someone for an hour without prepping in this way. Yet I wonder into so many scenarios and situations in my own life without giving a toss! Actually, I do give a toss, what I mean to say is that I mostly don’t give myself the time to prepare. I don’t bless myself with a few moments to get deliberate and send out vibes of goodwill before most encounters.

So I got to thinking about it further. What do I know about this? What can I learn about this? What if I began practicing, with the same devotion, intention setting in other areas of my life? What if I did it before each new unfolding in my day? What if I did it before I started anything? What if I just went through every process first in my mind and in my imagination, juicing it all up and stepping into the feeling of the desired outcome, before I actually go and step into the situation?

And then I started freaking out “OH MY GODDDDD! That’s too much! That’ll be tooooo hard! I can’t do that”  – Recognise any of that shit? That’s called ‘resistance’. Then I realised something else – I do actually work the muscle of intention sometimes, just not all the time and maybe not enough of the time – loosening up the resistance see.

It’s like anything else – practice makes perfect. I find all these self awareness techniques most challenging. But then developing my self awareness is what drives me. I’d probably find a marathon challenging, but I ain’t gonna do one. But I AM going to grow, expand my mind, transform, heal, self actualise,  so, the resistance really kicks in when I’m wanting to learn something new that I really give a shit about it.

So why would it be worth practicing being intentional?

Because when you energetically map it out first; seeing it, hearing it, feeling it, smelling it, tasting it, revelling in it, you’ve rigged the frequency in your highest and greatest direction. When you dare to imagine an outcome that feels good and then surrender your part in it to the Universe, God, Angels (who/whatever it is for you) you LET GO. Meaning you release control, you trust, you be in a state of faith and you allow.

I know for a fact that I couldn’t help anyone in a matrix reimpriting session if I were coming from my head with it – thinking or believing that it’s all down to me. I’d be screwed. Ugh! It would be a mess. The reason I’m good at it is because I’ve imagined it and then totally let it go. People feel the space you create with that. They’re not being squished by an agenda, not even your ‘I’ve-imagined-this-ends-in-a-groovy-place’ agenda, because really  your ‘imagining-this-ends-in-a-groovy-place’ thing is about setting the intention, getting dialled into the right frequency before you start something.

I know this practice really works.  I need to UP it in my life.

So I set us a challenge. Today, or tomorrow practice imagining/feeling a positive outcome to at least 3 situations you enter. It takes a few seconds. Do it like this –

1) Take a deep breath and breathe out slowly

2) Formulate in your mind the ‘end’ of the task/situation you’re about to go into tochallenge accepted chllenge completed

3) Imagine what the other person(s) is saying to you. Flavour it with all things good. Hear your own responses too.

4) Notice any colours, feelings, sounds, sensations in this picture that make you feel good

5) Say and hear some thank yous

6) Take a deep breath in and release

7) Now move on!

Try it. See what happens. How much did it have an effect?

If you’d like to know more about this Abraham hicks call it segment intending. There’s a whole bunch of teachings if you click on that link.

Also, don’t give yourself a hard time if it feels difficult. Start small. Everything feels difficult before we master it and mastering comes through practice.

For now, Blessed Intentions x x x pave your juicy way deliberately x x x

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