Poem – “The Street Performer”

Waking again in this vehicle

Aliveness animating me

Sorrows and sadnesses, joys and pains

Needing to express, be set free.


The clouds and waves rise in my chest

My insides do somersaults

My voice is birthing forth from my heart

I’m quaking and tremoring with faults.


I cannot sit alone and sing

That connection’s already been made

I need to sureender into the world

And let myself be played.


The Omniverse is calling through me

With harvested lyrics and sounds

Discovering itself fresh and magically

Urging to reach out of bounds.


Meaning to pour out and into the world

To massage and prize into souls

This expelling expression deep from my depths

Is what love me, makes me feel whole.


My body, my guide, she readies for this

Despite all disturbance inside

She’s learning that being incredibly seen

Is the safest place she can’t hide.

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