“Magic Box” By Alexa Allen – Original Song

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“Magic Box” By Alexa Jael Allen (video below)

Written in 2008 in the midst of a terrible dark night of the soul. I was praying for help. I was truly broken and lost in what I now know was a mental/emotional breakdown.  I had a stack of Goddess cards by my side and I said “Just tell me what to write each time I look at an image” and then I pulled a card one by one.

The lines (of this song) came immediately one by one. I then created a simple melody. I needed an instant recording (on my minidisk player!) so that I could go to sleep listening to this wisdom and reassurance pouring from my higher-ness. Listening to this saved me. I was an absolute wreck. Thank GOD for creativity.

May you enjoy x


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    • Awh! Glad you liked it! Thank you fo sharing your appreciation with me x great to talk with you today x looking forward to next time x x x

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