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“What follows the I AM will always come looking for you.” Joel Osteen

Those two small words ‘I AM’ are small, but powerful. Are you aware of the “I AM” statements that you currently hold and think about yourself? Are they positive I AM’s? Strong and self loving? Or are they belittling and self limiting?

If you’re being honest with yourself you will probably find a quite a few negatives I AM’s a.k.a ‘Limiting Beliefs’, in your psyche.

We Are Creative Beings

When it comes to your own life you are the biggest critic in it and the biggest co-creator. We each create our life experience through the beliefs that we hold, and the beliefs that we hold determine the thoughts that we think.  The thoughts that we think affect how we feel and so on . . . The creative juice of all of this comes down to the frequency we are feeling and expressing into life. That is what’s creating our life. What we feel is what comes back to us, as reality.

So, it’s really important to think in a way that gets us feeling good.

Some classic “I AM” examples

When we are tuned in to the inner negative I AM radio station we may be unconsciously or consciously thinking thoughts like

  • I am not good enough
  • I am so fat
  • I am not clever enough
  • I am too old
  • I am not able

When we start waking up we can start becoming aware of these habitual thoughts and so we can choose to replace them with more empowering versions

  • I AM always good enough]
  • I am beautiful
  • I am intelligent
  • I am young
  • I am able

Our thoughts and beliefs are shaping our experience, so in order to raise our vibration and to feel more love in our lives we need to replace the thoughts that bring us down.

I AM statements are a really good place to start. This is because an “I AM” as a statement in itself is a purely creative statement. It is creating whatever follows it, hence why Joel Osteen said “What follows the I AM will always come looking for you

I am” is one of the most powerful statements we can make. Whatever follows “I am” starts the creation of it.”

The Power of Choice

We each have the power to become aware of the thoughts that we are thinking on autopilot, and we each have the power to deliberately choose to think something else.

Our negative limiting beliefs grow from thoughts that have just been been thought over and over again.  So choosing to think new thoughts deliberately, thoughts that nurture you, over time they start to turn into new beliefs and new actions and new experiences.

a thought + a thought = a belief

Deliberately choosing  a new thought over and over can be pretty challenging in the beginning. First of all you have to wake up and become aware of what’s going on in your thinking and then you have to build the muscle to think new thoughts. It’s can be infuriating in the beginning. But we all start off in the same space. I like this analogy, take a look –

  • unconsciously incompetent
  • consciously incompetent
  • consciously competent
  • unconsciously competent

This is what it means

Unconsciously Incompetent Phase – first of all we are completely ignorant of what’s going on in our minds.

Consciously Incompetent Phase – We then start to wake up and experience our first awarenesses of what we are thinking. This is the most uncomfortable phase. This is where we start getting to see ourselves more clearly, we start seeing all the crap that we are programmed with and we get to cringe at what we see. We are neither totally ignorant of our thoughts anymore, nor are we fluent at deliberately thinking life enhacing thoughts yet.

Consciously Competent Phase – We are now deliberately putting into action our new thoughts. That muscles is getting stronger and growing more habitual. We still have to make a conscious effort but it’s so much easier. We catch ourselves more often and replace our negative thoughts with more powerful ones with more ease and more sooner.

Unconsciously Competent Phase – This is where we really have it waxed! We no longer need to make the massive conscious deliberate effort, our subconscious has taken the new thoughts on board habitually, we do it naturally, we naturally support ourselves with life affirming thoughts. We effortlessly love ourselves with our thoughts.

The Power of I AM

As human beings we are all striving to achieve our dreams and to have more freedom in life. One of the single most important things we can do to reach and surpass our goals is to create, think and speak positive strong affirmative I AM statements about ourselves.

Anything that we put our attention on grows.

Once you start weaving regular “I AM” statements into your thoughts and speech you will start noticing transformation occurring in your life. You need to be consistent with affirmations. Commit to catching yourself out and choose to replace it with a positive I AM statement instead. Once you’ve practised for a while it will start to become habit. It’s wonderful when your affirmations become habitual. You find yourself thinking wonderful thoughts that really perk you up and nourish your sense of well being.

Here’s My Powerful “I AM” Audio For You To Enjoy!

To help myself with the practice of rewriting my thoughts I like to make affirmation audios. I can then consciously practice when I choose to as well as choosing to plug in and absorb whilst I’m up to other things too.

I AM Nouns

I went a step ahead with my I AM’s. I AM statements usually use an adjective, a descriptive word, like ‘I AM Strong’ or ‘I AM beautiful’. But how about taking that a step further and instead of using a descriptive word, use the words in their noun states. Nouns are incredibly affirmative as they are things. So, instead of being ‘Joyful’ BE ‘Joy’. Instead of being Beautiful, BE Beauty. Instead of being strong, BE STRENGTH.

I made a powerful 12 minute audio of various I AM Statements in their noun forms and I would like to share it here with you. I have left enough room between each statement so that you can repeat if you want to.

TIP: Here’s a game I’ve been playing with myself which I find really inspires and lifts my energy.

  • Listen and fill in each gap with a new I AM that feels inspired by each statement on the recording that’s just been said.
  • This keeps your mind on the creative edge
  • Striving to think up new I AM statements will make you feel good as you think them up and express them
  • There’s an element of freshness with doing this, a certain momentum that comes into play whilst listening.
  • You will feel really rejuvenated after one interactive listening!

Enjoy the video/audio below (I will suss out mp3 links soon!)

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