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From Shit Grows Affirmations!

I had one of those crap mornings this morning, you know, where you wake up and your mind collapses inwards with suffocating negative beliefs about yourself. I knew this was due to a ‘struggling mentally’ day that I had had yesterday. So after waking up crap I got to work.

Learning new things can be overwhelming . . .

Trying to wrap your brain, mind and understanding around new topics and new skills can some times be super easy, and at other times it can be super hard.

Especially when you have limiting beliefs . . .

Internet marketing is still a relatively new arena to me, I’m only 3.5 months in, and although there are many aspects of internet marketing that come quite naturally to me, mostly the creative stuff, like; drawing, writing, creating images, videos, audios, sharing music, my story, being myself, sharing lessons learne etc

There are other aspects of internet marketing that make my brain feel like it’s melting and dripping out of my ears, like; getting to know social media sites and all of there seperate ways of working, anything technological, google compliancy policies . . . . ewww. I’ve got a tonne of negative beliefs about what I can and can’t do I’m telling ya!

I have loads of people around that help me believe I can do it!

I am blessed to have a team of excellent people around me helping me out. And that team includes and stretches beyond the fantastic digital business community of the SFM, into all the wonderful people out there who are all learning new skills and who are abundantly sharing their knowledge online via video, blogs, webinars, podcasts to name but a few.

We are blessed. I have some healthy beliefs around support!

Yet, I still have those days where I catch myself feeling really ‘thick’, for want of a better word.

Sometimes my creative brain just can’t wrap itself around some of the logical strategical methods that, as a digital entrepreneur, it seems you need to learn.

And so I panic!

Remember – Life is All About How You’re Feeling Right NOW!

But at the end of the day it always brings me back to the same place, and that’s where I’m standing, sitting right now, and how am I feeling right now.

We’re all bunged up with limiting beliefs, beliefs that prevent us from moving forward into greater and greater versions of ourselves. It’s not that we need to improve. It’s not that we’re not good enough as we are. It’s just that it is in our very nature to grow, to transform, to become our best.

And as we strive towards our bestness we meet new things that we need to take on; new understandings, new skill sets, new strengths etc. And our beliefs about ourselves can really get in the way of us taking on what helps us grow.

Replace Limiting Beliefs With Affirmations

This morning when I woke up I knew that I needed to take a good look inside and find some crunchy uncomfortable beliefs about myself, that I knew were there, because I was feeling crap. I reflected on my past day and the problems I had come across and not been able to resolve, doorways into my belief system. Here’s some I found

  • I’m not good enough
  • I can’t do it
  • It’s too difficult for me
  • I haven’t got the brain for this
  • I’m not as good as everyone else
  • I don’t know how to do it
  • I haven’t got the tools, money, skills that I need
  • I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do
  • I don’t know who I am!
  • I’m wasting my time
  • I know that I’m supposed to struggle

I did a little tapping/EFT on these statements, as well as practised some T.A.T, just to clear down, and then I created opposite statements/affirmations which are what I recorded into the audio/video below. (Find out more about EFT and TAT in this blog)

The new affirmations are along the lines of “I discover and learn more the more I continue”, “Everything I need is always provided for me”, “I find creative ways through all my endeavours” and many more, all in the theme of I Can Do it!’.

Affirmations Do Work

Saying affirmations is a good way of replacing the thoughts that stem from negative beliefs.

Beliefs are just thoughts that have been thought over and over again.

Deeper work might need to be done to fully eliminate the source of negative beliefs, but affirmations are a healthy feel good step forward.

Your job is to catch your mid when it’s thinking a negative belief and choose to replace it with an affirmation. Over time the affirmations become more habitual. And, considering that how we are feeling is based upon the thoughts we are thinking, it’s good practce to re-write those thoughts.

Love yourself though when you catch yourself dwelling on something that doesn’t feel good. Be gentle, always.

One final note of self love . . .

Whenever I am making recordings, videos, I am not editing in any way. I am doing this on purpose to allow space for my perfectionist to pass on by! To me it is an act of ultimate self love to create and share without holding back and without worrying what other people think. I highly recommend allowing yourself the same. Enjoy the I can do it affirmations audio. Do like I do, which is plug in and listen over and over, create new beliefs!

With Love

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