10 Steps To Drying Your Hair To Michael Jackson

10 Steps: How To Dry Your Hair To Michael Jackson

1) Have wet hair – This is important because otherwise you can’t ‘dry’ it.

2) Get a hair dryer – One that works. Broken ones are useless.

3) Select your favourite Michael Jackson track – There’s so many, which one’s your favourite?

4) Towel dry your hair in preparation. If you don’t and you start flinging your hair around you’ll soak everything in your immediate vicinity.  Towel drying and then combing through are good prep steps.

5) Either wear snuggly fitting earphones OR play your music super loud so as to override the sound of the hair dryer

6) Pray and give thanks for your best dance moves to show up in the midst this hair drying mission

7) Have a quick pelvic thrust and moon walking warm up prior to session. Just a quick one. You don’t want to overkill the situation (although its not really possible to have an overkill of anything Michael Jackson related)

8) Put on your sparkly diamanté glove. Crikey, if you are reading this post then I suspect you have one . . . somewhere . . . get it . . . NOW

9) Make sure you have at least 4 mins free and ask a willing participant to film you so you can critique your Michael Jackson Hair Drying attempt afterwards.

10) Imagine the whole world is watching – on your marks, get set, GO! You are now rocking out to Michael Jackson whilst drying your hair with a hairdryer! Well done! I am SO proud of you!

Sage advice from me and my 8 year old niece


  • Don’t get your hair caught in the hair dryer
  • Free yourself, don’t hold back

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