The Secret – Rosicrucian Visualisation Techniques

the secret
The Secret is based on the teachings of the Rosicrucian Order

Here’s what I’m going to share with you in this blog –

  • Some info about the film The Secret
  • How I discovered that it is Rosicrucianism that is at the heart of The Secrets teachings
  • The people (the ‘wise ones’)  who have been members of or in someway connected to the Rosicrucian order, many of them referenced in the film The Secret (the list is below)
  • How to do the Rosicrucian visualization, the same visualization technique that these wise ones would have used in their day
  • 3 instructional and educational videos on how to do this type of powerful visualization (at the end of this blog)

‘The Secret’ is in the Rosicrucian teachings

Have you ever seen that movie ‘The Secret’? Or read the book ‘The Secret?

If you’ve ever watched the film, you may have either appreciated, hated it, loved it or all of those things! When I first watched it I saw right through the commercialism of it and appreciated the message that was more deeply embedded within it, that we are powerful creators.

If you watched it and appreciated it did you take the time to follow the suggestions made by Bob Procter?

Proctor recommended that if one was finding the teachings of The Secret interesting then to back and research the ‘wise one’s’ who had been shared throughout the movie.

Although the movie was quite commercial I did appreciate it’s message, so I went of to go and find out more.

Here’s something interesting that happened to me after watching The Secret in 2006 and following Proctors suggestion . . .

I went back through the film and took note of all the famous quotes that were shared and who the quotes were made by.

These are some of the names I found –

  • Prentice Mulford
  • Charles Haanel
  • Winston Churchill
  • Robert Collier
  • Martin Luther King Jr
  • Christian D Larson
  • Wallace Wattles
  • Genevieve Behrend
  • Albert Einstein
  • W Clement Stone
  • Charles Fullmore
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Carl Jung
  • R Buckminster Fuller
  • Henry Ford
  • Joseph Campbell

Armed with these names and determined to find the common link between them that Bob Proctor was hinting to, I found myself sat at a computer at Hastings College, waiting for a student to turn up (who never showed) and I started popping in each of these names one by one and reading a little on the history of each.

I started noticing something that kept coming up in reference to each of these people, something that I didn’t understand, something that was brand new to me and that was the term ‘Rosicrucian’ or ‘Rosicrucianism’.

I was thinking “Well, what the hell are Rosicrucians all about?”

Back on to Google I found myself opening up a mystical door and falling down a Cosmic rabbit hole that would take me on a seriously wild ride over the next few years.

On the door of this rabbit hole was the name AMORC – The Ancient Mystical Order of the Rose Cross. I had discovered that many of these wise ones had in some way or another had some kind of involvement with the Rosicrucian Order.

I learned that the Rosicrucians worked primarily with mysticism and had had many an illustrious member in their history. I got so excited about what I was discovering that I decided to become a member there and then, and there I started on my Mystical journey where a huge spiritual awakening/emergency ensued for me.

The Graphics Showing between scenes in the Movie The Secret - 'Rosicrucian'
The tail end of the golden Rosicrucian word flashed in the graphics between scenes in The Secret

The details of that journey need to be shared in another post, as that’s a whole story in itself.

Then, when I went back to watch The Secret again I started noticing something that I hadn’t noticed before.

You know in the film they move through different sections; The Secret to Life, The Secret to you, The Secret to Money etc.

Well, between each section they have some graphics whizzing around, images of Rhonda Byrne, and words saying ‘The Secret’ as well as images of money, relationships, health etc.

Well, now that I’d found the common link behind all the famous people being referenced in the film I began to clearly see it being presented as well! I couldn’t believe it! In those graphics, very clearly, but pretty quickly, each time the graphics show, is the word ‘Rosicrucian’ being presented to you, like subliminal messaging. I tried my hardest to capture them image with a screenshot, but this is the best I could get.

Why Is This Relationship Between The Secret and The Rosicrucians Important?

Well because the wisdom of The Secret is coming from the Rosicrucian teachings, and anyone truly interested might want to know about the Rosicrucians and want to know how to get involved in their study programs (which are beyond awesome. True mysticism. Not to be dabbled with in all seriousness)

It’s also interesting to me as I haven’t heard anyone else mentioning the relationship between the teachings of The Secret and the Rosicrucian teachings. I find it fascinating, as the history of The Rosicrucian Order is fascinating. Their roots stem from ancient Egypt, they then moved up through Europe, they were seriously undercover in the 1600’s, as their teachings really rubbed up against religious teachings. To be found to be Rosicrucian resulted in the most severe punishments.

Yet, many famous philosophers, artists, authors, scientists, thinkers have been members of the Rosicrucian order including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Walt Disney, Victor Hugo, Issac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Edith Piaf, Napoleon Bonapart, Rene Descarte, Francis Bacon, Harvey Spence Lewis and more.

These are historical figures who all new something about life that perhaps the masses didn’t, which was a good enough reason to get me involved.

Although my membership is hold until I feel settled enough to once again commit to the level of dedication that following the Rosicrucian teachings deserves, I still practice some of the basics that I learned.

Which brings me to the Visualising Method

As a Rosicrucian myself (with my membership on temporary hold) I understand that the success of the people I’ve mentioned above came from the way that they went about doing things in their life; how they crafted their thoughts, how they distributed and focused their creative energies as well as many other methods and practices learned through their thorough Rosicrucian studies and meditations.

Without a doubt one of the solid core keys of their success would have come down to successfully practicing visualisation, in a Rosicrucian manner.

I have found these very simple teachings of the Rosicrucian method of visualisation on YouTube. The video is in three parts and well worth watching. Also they’re great to watch, filmed more than 30 years ago in proper old school Rosicrucian styly. So enjoy.

And just for your reference I’m going to share the main steps of Visualisation that Kristie Knutson covers here, below, but don’t miss the video as she gives some great training tips that can seriously help you with your visualisation success. She covers some of the problems that people find with visualising and the solutions to successfully remedy them. Remember, the wise ones I mentioned above all knew what they were doing. That’s whats Kristie Knutson shares in these videos. Well worth the watch.

Powerful Creative Visualisation – The Rosicrucian Way

When Visualising Use All of Your SensesUse your reason and logic, your outer objective mind, to determine the goal of your visualisation.

1. You first need to formulate a clear and definite idea of exactly what it is that you’re going to visualise. If the idea that you’re working with is too complicated and involved that you can’t instantaneously see it in your mind, then you must continue to work with it until it becomes more manageable, more compact, so that you are able to visualise it quite clearly and spontaneously.

Always simplify your visualisation as much as possible.

2. Once your goal is clarified you then ask your inner self

“How is this a worthy goal? Show me how this will bring happiness to others as well as to myself”

When you are satisfied with the response from your inner self then you can be confident that your visualisation will be working within Cosmic law.

3. With the first two steps covered you are now ready to visualise.

4. Choose a quiet place with time where you will not be disturbed and become very calm and receptive. Using Rosicrucian techniques or other methods, physically relax, letting all thought of the physical body, letting all strain and tension drain from your cells.

This is very important.

Many visualisations fail because we remain to a degree more conscious of our physical tension than we are of our inner images.

5. Once relaxed you can begin building your mental images, keeping them in the present or past, seeing them as something that is or has already happened, then you gradually add details to this image, sound, smell, colour, movement, emotion until suddenly, for an instant, the image comes completely alive and instead of looking at it for that instant you are IN it. you ARE it.

6. When this instant happens just hold the thought for just a moment and mentally say

“Into the Cosmic I release this image. It is done”

And thus you completely release the image, dismissing it totally from your mind with the absolute conviction that it is done. It is complete.

7. Eventually you will start to receive intuitive promptings that will lead you to specific people, experiences, places, events, objects, which if you then act on those things you will experience the manifestation of your visualisation.

But this is crucial – you must act or nothing will happen.

How Does Visualising Help Me?

I’m just getting re-aquainted with my visualisation skills now, hence why I’m writing about it right now. I am learning to bring these skills back into my life as a daily practice. Why? Well, firstly, to see myself in absolute vibrant health (I’m naturally healing myself from bipolar disorder and cancer) and secondly to see myself succeeding joyfully in my fantastic online business.  As an internet entrepreneur it is essential to build and maintain the mindset of wealth and well being. As a student of The SFM I receive a lot of training on building that mindset, I’m just bringing the extra visualisation technique because I know its powerful and it can super charge what I’m already up to!

I you’d like to now more about The SFM and how they can help you build and succeed in online business check out this link and get access to a free 7 part Video Bootcamp Series. If you get involved remember to super charge your success with daily visualisations. Most of our success derives from what we hold in our minds.

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P.s – Enjoy the videos and I wish for you and see you with all the success that your visualisations bring to you x These visualisations are the real key to The Secret.

Part One –

Part Two –


Part Three – Some great exercises in this one to help you build your visualising muscle.

4 Replies to “The Secret – Rosicrucian Visualisation Techniques”

  1. I always say (this visualization is projected into the cosmic. If the cosmic agrees it is so). Thats wild about the secret though now I’ma going to re-watch it. There’s a new age guy named Dribbling that has said that the secrets way of manifesting is all mental power and we should be using the heart to manifest things so I’ve used heartmaths techniques with Rosicrucian techniques and its odd but want I visualize seems to happen faster. Please email me back I would like to discuss this with you

    • i Billy xx sounds interesting. I agree, with being in the heart. I also love heartmaths techniques. Presently I’m not so much in any particular technique. I’m just finding that to catch my feelings, my vibe, my frequency is enough, and then to allow what ever needs to arise to arise and be felt and then released. And then to deliberately feel into a vibe that makes me feel good. Heartmath comes in a treat there xxxxxx

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