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Rebounding is Great For Cancer Healees

I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma (a type of skin cancer) in October 2014 and I had some surgery to remove a tumour in November 2014.

Since diagnosis I have been learning about many ways to help the body heal naturally from cancer.

Creating a cancer free environment in your body involves a lot of positive changes needing to happen in your diet, supplement intake, exercise regime, thoughts and beliefs and life in general.

Giving your immune system a huge boost is one of the min things you need to do.

Boosting Your Immune System With Rebounding

Healing from cancer requires you to have a strong immune system.

One critical component of your immune system is your lymphatic system.

Here’s a wee anatomy lesson –

  • Your lymphatic system is made up of your tonsils, thymus, bone marrow, lymphatic fluid, blood vessels and lymph nodes.
  • The bone marrow and the thymus produce ‘lymphocytes‘, white blood cells.
  • Your blood vessels are delivering oxygen and nutrients into your cells
  • You lymph vessels are full of clear lymphatic fluid that carries the B cell and T cell ‘lymphocytes’ (white blood cells) through your body, attacking invaders and infections.
  • Your lymphatic fluid also carries metabolic waste, dead cells and toxins out and away from healthy tissue to be excreted through your mucus, sweat, urine and liver bile.
  • The lymph nodes, which act like filters, filter the lymph fluid, capturing microbes that the B and T cells deal with.

Help Your Immune System and Detoxify

We are getting constantly bombarded by toxins through our food and environment and this weakens our immune system, so it is essential for the body to be able to detoxify. When the detoxifying processes of the body aren’t functioning fully or properly then toxins will start to build up in the body, causing an acidic and toxic environment. The physical root cause of many diseases, including cancer, are due to this accumulation of acidity and toxicity in the body.

All the blood that’s travelling around your beautiful body is being pumped by your heart. But that essential lymphatic fluid, of which there is three times more of than blood, doesn’t have a pump to pump it. The only thing that pumps the lymph throughout your body is exercise, movement and muscle contraction.  When lymphatic fluid is travelling through your body it helps the detoxification process.

The Best Exercise to Get Your Lymph System Pumping

reboundingRebounding – You know! Those crazy mini trampolines!  Jumping up and down on your rebounder causes an ‘increased G-force resistance’ . This G-force positively stresses every single cell in your body. Jumping on your rebounder strengthens your entire musculoskeletal system, your bones, your muscles, your connective tissue and all of your organs, as well as promoting lymphatic circulation.

Also, jumping on your rebounder is very low impact so you can jump for longer because you’re not going to tire out too quick or cause adrenal stress.

There has been quite a bit of research into how brilliant rebounding is. An interesting report about the benefits of rebounding was produced by NASA you can read it here

Rebound exercise is really good fun and really easy to get into, especially if you can be resistant to exercising, like myself. You can take it really easy, just gently bouncing and still get really positive results, or, you can nuts, it’s up to you!

Three simple rebound exercises

  • The health bounce – super easy. You gently bounce up and down without your feet actually leaving the surface. Very low impact and minimal effort and very effective at moving your lymph
  • The strength bounce – this is when you bounce as high as you can, strengthening the main muscles throughout your body. This exercise improves your sense of balance and moves your lymphatic system brilliant. Start with the health bounce and move up to this one.
  • Aerobic bouncing – This is more full on, incorporating high jumping jacks, twisting and running fast on the spot. Doing these low impact exercises seriously get your blood pumping and your sweat flowing.
  • You can also sit on the rebounder to exercise if you don’t have much energy or are too weak for more intense exercise.

How Long Do I Need to Bounce For if I’m Healing From Cancer?

I bounce on my rebounder for 15 minutes a day in the morning once I’ve done my morning meditations and energy healing exercises. I mix up my bouncing activity. I do a little bit of health bouncing and a bit of running on the spot as fast as I can. I’m usually listening to either some music or something motivational. It’s a great way to start the day.

See if you can do it enough so that you do actually break into a sweat. The sweating helps your body release  those built up toxins.

I am aiming to get up to 15 minutes twice a day, but from my research I hear that 15 minutes of working up a sweat is pretty good work.

Which Rebounder?

Not all rebounders are the same quality. Cheapy ones are harder on your joints and they wear out quickly so it’s worth investing in a good solid one.

Here’s the one that I went for that I’m extremely pleased with. It cost a little bit more than the average one but it’s totally solid, not flimsy and I’m super pleased with it.

I hope this blog has inspired you to try out rebounding. It really is a feel good exercise and great fro those who need to be gentle and take it easy as well as great fun for those that like to be a bit more hardcore. I’m amazed I enjoy it and look forward to it so much, as I really can be quite resistant to exercise.

It’s also great for shifting your energy and for giving you a quick boost. I highly recommend!

So Much Love

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