Quad Right Facts

In this blog you’ll find a long list of facts about the Quad Right. I’ve basically taken some of the key points Ra Uru Hu made in his talk about Quad Rights and listed them below in bullet points, for your ease and absorbtion!

What is Quad Right and what is Human Design?

A Quad Right is a type of variable from the Human Design system. Human Design is a huge scientific subject and takes some serious looking into if you want to start benefiting from it.

I’m not going to go into what Human Design is or what Variables are here in this post,  but if you’re interested and want to either learn more about Human Design, or, if you’d like to get your free rave chart done the links are at the bottom of this post.

Human Design Variables

Beyond the basics of human design you discover ‘variables’. Variables show you what kind of cognitive architecture you have.

When you look at your human design body graph chart you will see 4 arrows around the head. Each arrow is either pointing left or right.

There are 16 different variations of directions the arrows can be pointing in, from them all pointing left, to all pointing to the right.

What I’m sharing about today is the variable where all of those arrows are pointing to the right. When you see this on a chart it means you are looking at a Quad Right.

What is Cognitive Architecture?

The Coginitive Architecture is about how the nature of our intelligence is structured.  There’s a left kind of cognition and there’s a right kind of cognition.

  • Left is strategic and active – very focused
  • The right is receptive and passive – one large abyss that absorbs everything
  • The left and the right are as different as gender

When you look at the variable chart you will see that in the top left corner you have all the arrows pointing to the left, and in the bottom right corner all the arrows are pointing to the right.

variabe chartYou could draw a direct line starting from the all lefts in the top left hand corner, across and down to the quad rights in the lower right hand corner.

This line represents evolution.

Left is the past  and right is the future

Neanderthals were all Quad Right. Then modern homo sapien showed up with his/her new strategic ‘left’ ways of being and we were no longer all right.

Something else is coming in our future, right now, as human beings, we’re both left and right, but, as a species, we’re moving back to being Quad Right again.

There are 16 variables and there is nothing about any of the other 15 that is anything like the quad right. All the other 15 variables have some aspect of leftness, but the quad right is all right. No left at all.

Facts About Quad Rights

I’ve gone through Ra’s Quad Right talk and taken out the most pertinent aspects. For me I like to see things in bullet point, it helps me absorb! So I thought I’d share with you guys!

Quad Rights . . .

  • The most aware people on the planet and the least likely to know it. They can never see this themselves.
  • Not able to go back in and grab for anything they’ve absorbed
  • Absorbing and taking in EVRYTHING.
  • Potentially the most creative variable, because of the nature of their receptivity
  • The most extreme variable
  • Here to be totally receptive in a strategic world
  • Not able to align themselves to the strategic world at all
  • Needing to totally transform everything about how they operate in life, I terms of the way in which they see themselves and how they understand their own nature
  • Equipped with a passive brain. It’s not supposed to focus. The moment that quad rights try to push their brains to do something, they’re creating total lack of well being in their system and this goes directly to the thyroid. So they’ll either have problems metabolising food, problems with weight, or problems with not enough energy etc
  • Not designed to be put under pressure.
  • Left brains focus, focus, focus. Rights have a passive receptive brain, taking in everything.
  • The quad right brains work is not about the outside it about how you take things in.
  • The quad right brain takes in enormous amounts of information, and very little of it is of any interest to them.
  • They are a resource here to be used well.
  • The very nature of the quad rights life is dependent on who is with them.
  • Their life is determined by what’s taken out of you, not what they put out.
  • The passive brain needs correct dietary regimen.
  • They are beings that are here to flow.
  • They do not need to constantly focus on the pattern processes of your life. Instead they can just move through and flow through life.
  • They have no purpose. Purpose belongs to lefts!
  • Lefts are defined by what they do. Quad rights aren’t
  • Anything that a quad right does is only a medium for their creativity
  • The point is to get their awareness out!
  • STRATEGY AND AUTHORITY is everything to the quad right
  • They carry the most extreme rightness of any other human form on the planet
  • Everything about the quad rights existence is about what will be drawn from their deep well. Remember, they absorb and take in everything.
  • So, every moment of their existence they are filling that well up to an unimaginable depth
  • They can’t access the well by themselves
  • They can read a book and then completely forget it and have to read it again! (yep!)
  • They tend to drive themselves nuts trying to remember stuff that they’ve taken in and so will often think that they have problems.
  • They don’t have problems, they are all-right.
  • They take everything in because that’s what they’re here to do. To take in. To be aware. To be available in their awareness.
  • If they put pressure on their brain, if they try to be strategic, if they try to define their life by what they do instead of what they live, they will be in trouble.
  • Their brain will give them physical problems if they stress it.
  • Environment is particularly important for the quad right because of how sensitive they are to the information field around them.
  • The Quad Right taking in aura, electro-magnetic fields, frequencies, vibration, the Baraka, the stored information that’s in the environment.
  • The right carries the resources, the left has the focus, together they can survive.
  • If/when the internet ever stops it will be the quad right that will carry all the resources and information needed
  • People will randomly ask a quad right something and they will tell them exactly what they needed to know. The quad won’t know where it came from, but it was useful for the other. Information just appears.
  • The quad rights life is determined by who drinks from their well.
  • If they have idiots pulling from them, they will have the experience of being an idiot. If a genius pulls from them, they will also be the genius
  • If the mundane is only pulled, they give the mundane. If the exhalted is pulled, they give the exhalted.
  • The QR’s environment is the nourishment for their life. They need to be relaxed and comfortable in whatever it is that they are doing. Environment for them is essential
  • If they are ever in an environment with forces that are trying to get them out of their flow, out of their comfortable, relaxed state, those forces are the wrong forces for them.
  • They are here to be laid back, not lazy, relaxed and flowing in what they do.
  • What they are about is all the things that take place whilst they are in their flow.
  • People fall into them. They start talking to you and they give you exactly what you’ve been looking for. They can’t help it. You, the ‘other’ just taps in to that part of the quad rights awareness.
  • Quad Rights have to think about who’s tapping in and pulling from them. Every person that takes from them defines them.
  • There are 400 hundred million quads. Most feel like aliens and have no idea what is going on for them.
  • Most quads are trying really hard to be ‘left’ and get so messed up as a result.
  • There is no place within their cognitive architecture that allows them to control their life. They just can’t.
  • their strategy and authority is the only thing that will align them to the flow that’s correct for them and to the beings that are correct for them.
  • If the fool pulls from them, they will be foolish and they’ll think it’s them. It’s not. It’s just the other pulling.
  • They have everything in them. It is so important to have some kind of way to get your awareness out.
  • It’s the people around them that draw out their awareness, that’s how the quad rights get to see it.
  • But, if the quad right has a creative outlet, something where they are utterly present and aware this will help them see what’s in them
  • Their awareness goes into everything they touch; washing dishes, playing the piano, their awareness is streaming into absolutely everything.
  • Their awareness needs outlets.
  • When you allow your awareness to come out through your creativity you get to have the chance to see and say ‘Ah! That came out of me! Isn’t that pretty!’
  • Quad rights are deeply different from the rest of the planet.
  • they are here to be present
  • The moment they’re focusing with their minds they are blind.
  • They see holographically.
  • They are walking treasures – Live your life according to what is correct for you and the forces will be there that will draw out the awareness that makes you feel good and complete.
  • No strategy in their intelligence.
  • They serve awareness.
  • Rightness is like driving a car on LSD. If you think about it you crash, if you just look out the window you get wherever you’re going.
  • They’re on automatic pilot.
  • They have peripheral vision – they see everything. They see what others don’t see.
  • The strategic world says everything has to have a purpose. That’s not what quads are about.
  • they are a resource.
  • Right personality – mind is not for focussing. Focussing is a horror for them. ‘Be strategic’ ‘remember’ ‘have a plan’ ‘do this do that’ is a horror for them. It’s torture
  • They need to ask themselves – Who are those beings that draw from me what feels good to me?
  • The quality of their conversations is being determined by the other. The level, seriousness or humour is being determined by the other.
  • People will take the same again and again.
  • The quad will start to see that different people pull different stuff from tehm, but always the same stuff.
  • Their whole life is about finding ways to release their awareness
  • By following their strategy and authority this becomes a perfected process.
  • Their awareness is here to be available
  • That depth of awareness is needed now
  • Quad rights don’t have to worry about studying, they just need to be present
  • Most beings who carry a lot of rightness have a chip on their shoulder because they know how deep they are but don’t know how to get it out.
  • The deepest conditioning is coming from the lefts and quad rights are not here to be like that.
  • If they’re in the flow, everything that is correct for them will be there and what’s correct is for them is to be letting their awareness out.
  • They need to find ways in which they can put their awareness out.
  • Even when someone asks them something, that is a creative release.
  • It’s easy for them to not to see how incredible they are.
  • It’s mind boggling because they are nothing but receptors.
  • There are always those who will notice the quad rights beauty.
  • Every breath they take carries deep awareness. This is their art. And it’s an art that impacts others.
  • The aura of the right being that is in the flow is the most unusual aura of all.

I hope you enjoyed that list.

May it be absorbed and used well when the time is right x

Before I leave, as promised, some Human Design Links –



and check out my past Human Design blogs to learn more

Thanks for reading my blog!

p.s – do you know of any famous quad rights? All I know of are Russell Brand and Amy Winehouse. If you know more please drop a message below x

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17 Replies to “Quad Right Facts”

  1. Amazing! Thank you for sharing! First time I resonate with myself! I am a true creative, floating PRR DRR and now I understand why! till yesterday I thought that there has been something wrong with me! I can not think strategically! I can not plan, make lists… now I feel free from that… What a blessing!

  2. Thank you so much for this information!
    … I feel that I have almost no choice to survive)))
    I have enormous health problems since birth of my son who is 5 years old (recently I have posted a post in FB asking to comment on my variables)
    I’ve tried many-many things to heal myself, but… it’s getting worse.
    I have problems with metabolising food, problems with weight, problems with not enough energy, right leg and arm – parkinsonism.
    My life’s circumstances push me under severe pressure for 5 years now and here is the result…
    I am a vivid example))) what can happen to quad right

  3. I have been in the HD experiment for about a year and a half now. I have been having a difficult time lately and just started looking into what being a Quad Right really means…I am so grateful I stumbled into this. Thank you so much!! It is like a big sigh of relief.

    • I hear you Kassidy. It was a relief for me finding it, hence why I had to share xx There’s a TONNE of info there, overload maybe, but we absorb everything anyway!! May you be blessed through your experiment xx It’s a challenge xx Big Love xx

  4. Famous Quad Rights include:
    Jane Fonda
    Alexander Graham Bell
    Russell Brand
    Michelle Obama
    Stevie Nicks
    Walt Disney
    Roy Disney
    James McAvoy
    Fidel Castro
    Priscilla Presley
    Rowan Atkinson
    Mike Pence
    Bill O’Reilly
    Kevin Costner
    Amy Winehouse
    Catherine Deneuve
    Katharine Hepburn
    Shiloh Jolie-Pitt
    Michael J Fox
    Normal Rockwell
    Charlene, Princess of Monaco
    Lionel Barrymore
    Gordon Ramsay
    Jesse Jackson
    R Kelly
    Michael Redgrave
    Melinda Gates
    Benito Mussolini
    Ethel Rosenberg
    Carly Simon
    Kit Cason
    George C Scott
    Laura Bush
    Robert Byrd
    George Hamilton
    Rudy Giuliani

  5. Well at the end I have to leave a posting as well … I am a triple split generator with QR and loads you summarized about QR resonance in me while at the same time some other stuff runs differently for me. – I am over 25 years now successful project manager and have no issues making strategic planing or working with action item lists. – Okay these two points are not my favorite topics, but still …live quite well with it. – Perhaps my unconscious 43/23 helps a little in this context.
    Anyways thanks for sharing this information… mmm yes it seems…I just sucked more information in me .

    • Hi Gerald x wow, thank you for sharing that, that you can strategies and make plans. Only jut today I have been wondering how that might work for a quad right, as I’m kind of realising I do have some innate ‘abstract’ ways of strategists . . . For me it’s just coming to learn how this is for me. Not so logical and clear, but definitely there somehow . . . Maybe I’ll explain later in a blog. For now I’m just percolating on these new thoughts! X

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