Poem (for TWIN FLAMES) – ‘Shattering, Unravelling, Dispersed

The light of my twin flames soul intention

Is enough to start causing all of my constructs to collapse.


We don’t need to DO anything

We don’t need to try to make anything happen

Just the fact that we are alive is what’s causing it all to unravel.


A vague,

Sometimes an utterly unknown

Inner awareness of our souls joint commitment

Is enough.


The layers of who I thought I am

And am not

Are shattering and breaking

Dispersing apart

Exploding slowly

Spreading out

Like a supernova

Or a slow motion sand bomb

Casting it’s many flecks of light

and unsolid grains

In all directions at once.


I am in the throws

Of that supernova spread.


From a far

and a close


a solid speck of light.


But up close and intimate

Through eyes wide enough to TRULY SEE


Through twin flame vision,



This Cosmic breaking open

And all the pain and anguish it bleeds

Through the human

who is struggling to remain intact

And alive

Comes forth LOVE.


I am struggling

Because in the midst of this frightening dispersion

All sense


And organisation

has travelled with it.


This stretching apart of all the inner galaxies

Of who I THINK I am

Has thawed all the bridges of sense within me.


There no longer exists


Or any links

Between one piece of reason to another.


I have nothing to hold onto

In this new birthing Universe.


My twin flame is the only one

Whose gaze I feel fully held in.

It’s only in his welcoming and open heart


That I feel there is space

for all of this expanse

That I am

And am not.


His recognition

the only perception

That is helping me to trust

That a new world can be woven and created

From all this Divine dust and debris

That’s Erupting forth through me.


He’s not DOING anything to be this

He is just present in his own heart.


The blasting open of who we are not

Was always destined to be.


The dispersion is terrifying.


Eventually we will all shatter and breakdown.


We are one.


The old Human is dying and being reborn.


We are shedding our skins

Breaking down our densities

And falling apart

Causing stepping stones

For others to find


the way to the new earth.


And those of us in the Twin flame trials

Are on the fast track.

And oh hu-man

It hurts.


In so much separation of the old

The new will forge another way


But meanwhile I am lost in space.

A twin flame

Melting her own candle away

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