Notice the Signs . . .

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This is an intelligent and creative Universe we live in. It brings back to us more of the frequencies that we are emitting, in the form of feelings, people, ‘stuff’, symbols, coincidences, connections etc.

Do you notice these returns, these signs, that you are indeed the creator of your own world?

Are you open and receptive to these deliverings?

Do you melt and giggle with glee and awe when you ‘notice’?

Do you swell up in appreciation for the recognition of how Divinely orchestrated this garden is?

Do you deeply smile and give thanks for the awesome, often simple, yet brilliant ways that life brings reassurances to you?

I do all of this, all the time, even in depression I still notice. I don’t hunt and search for signs, I just recognise them with abundant gratitude and I often record them down, as this kind of guidance just makes be buzz and smile!

My heart can melt with gooeyness when I see a soft white feather swaying through the air, just as I have had a particular thought, or said or done something that is needing me to double take and savour the moment. I’m the same with pennies, clouds, symbols, words, numbers, sounds, leaves etc etc.

I love to be attentive to the space between the lines. I receive so much joy from those spaces.

Well, recently I’ve been actively visualising. I am creating and allowing space every day for me to sink in to, to see, smell, hear, feel, taste, know whatever it is that I am allowing in to my NOW.

I am allowing a new home. I am allowing study and funds. I am allowing a consistent, easy, abundant income . . .

Presently I have very little money. But that’s the past already! In my visualisations everything is abundant, easy, effortless, flowing. I am worthy, grateful, open, receptive, giving, ready . . .

This morning I woke up wanting to draw a picture of golden energy pouring forth. This is what came-


Then I went to a Working Links interview. They are ‘trying’ to get me back into work. The ONLY work I am open to is healing work. I went with a few questions about funding, as I have come across an opportunity to extend my healing skills and to work in a local practice once trained.

The lovely lady at the centre was telling me that I wouldn’t be very lucky with funding. That there isn’t money here and there isn’t money there . . .

And I was blatantly refusing to accept it!

I was imaging my golden cornucopia picture, golden energy raining down on me! I was saying “money and everything else can come from so many sources. I am staying open to all possibilities.”

She rolled her eyes at me and I grinned back.

And then on my walk home I found these two things –


Infact, I wasn’t even at all surprised to find them. Instead, I felt just grateful and sure and knowing that my needs are always abundantly met.

I just love it when I get clear physical signs! I LOVE IT!!!

Here is the prayer I say, often . . .

Dearest Angels,
Please can you give me signs in the physical world that I can easily follow and understand that will help me with _____________.
I know that you are assisting and helping me and I appreciate your help very much.
Thank you x x x

So keep noticing the signs! It’s something I love to do and it fills me with joyful appreciation, whatever my mood x

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