E MOTION – The Movie

Learn About and How To Release Your Emotional Baggage in the Easiest Ways Ever

Years of learning and practicing energy medicine has proven to me over and over that the main bulk of our issues, be they physical illnesses, disease, abundance issues, relationship problems, not being able to live to our full potential, stems from trapped unresolved emotional energy stuck in the body – a.k.a – the subconscious mind.

If we want to live and express as the greatest versions of ourselves, if we want to be balanced and feel fulfilled then we must address and release our emotional baggage.

It’s getting easier and easier to do this.

Check out the Emotion Code

My latest preference for emotional release work is from using the Emotion Code. I love it because it is easy, simple and deeply effective. You don’t have to ‘try’ looking for stuff, you just directly ask the body, with muscle testing, and clear what it tells you to.


Here’s a link to get your free emotion code e-book

If you don’t get how all this is possible then I recommend watching this movie – ‘E MOTION’. You’ll get a grip on how we are all made of energy and you’ll start to see how energy can be transformed, with ease.

You’ll also get some amazing tips on how to clear out your emotional crap.

Dr Bradley Nelson, creator of the Emotion Code, shares more in this film about his method, alongside other great healers/practitioners. Enjoy

E Motion the movie

With Love x Here’s to your emotional freedom xx

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