“Oblivion” By Alexa Allen – Original Song

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“Oblivion” written and performed by Alexa Allen

I have never shot a video of me singing and stuck it up on YouTube before! But there’s a first time for everything!

I am in the midst of doing a 90 Day Video Challenge with my team at The Six Figure Mentors (The SFM) It’s so that in 90 days time I will have settled into being in front of a camera – preparation for my future video marketing campaigns that I’ll be learning about with The SFM. 

Today I thought “Hey, lets sing a live song!”. I haven’t sung or written for a while but am always happy to leap into it without any prep!

The song I am sharing is called Oblivion. I wrote this back in early 2008 when I was experiencing a severe meltdown, a meltdown that lead to 7 years of intense healing.

Like all songs I write, it carries an empowering message – that no matter how dark it gets I will get to come back. I never thought I would make it back, but 7 years later I’m getting stronger day by day x

May all of us who dance with mental health issues find peace, health and happiness.

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8 Replies to ““Oblivion” By Alexa Allen – Original Song”

  1. Hi Alexa it’s Craig Hughes I used to party with you way back just want to say your song is truly beautiful and from the heart! good luck with everything ,what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger best

    • Mmmm, Craig Hughes . . . . not sure who you are right now!!!
      Thank you for enjoying my song and for leaving a comment x much appreciated x x x

    • Have you heard that one before Moira? I wrote that before I cam to Glasgow x Been thinking of you today because I’m going over the origination of my shit men illustrations x can you remember the first time I drew one? I’m blogging about it this eve!!! Will share it with you and stir your memories x x thanks for watching and commenting x x x well done for crying x x x

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