How To Do A Liver Flush Part 2

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I explained about how to do a liver flush in this blog post here – How To Do A Liver Flush

I’ve posted parts 1 and 2 of my ‘How To Do A Liver Flush’ video below

What To Experience whilst Flushing Your Liver

I didn’t quite know what I was expecting when I first did the flush, but I arranged it so that I had nothing else to do or distract me for a whole 24 hours.

I didn’t really need to do this, as the most focused part of the flush is really happening from when you go to bed until about midday the next day.

Based on my experience, this is what I would tell you.

  • Once you’re in bed and you’ve drunk the oil/grapefruit juice mixture this is when you really need to start relaxing.
  • Within 20 minutes you start to be able to feel movement occurring in your stomach, it’s quite fascinating.
  • this can go on for a couple of hours. The ‘sensations’ are stones being released.
  • Whilst you’re sleeping this movement is still occurring to some degree so you want to remain as still as you can.
  • Your stomach feels quite ‘liquified’ and ‘gurgly’ and its a bit uncomfortable, So your nights sleep is not as settled as normal. However, it’s only one night.

When I woke up the next morning I was feeling quite rough, achy (in my abdomen) and uncomfortable, but it didn’t last all day. In fact, by dinner time that roughness had left.

From about 11am the bowel evacuation began and I started releasing lots of watery waste from my body. I noticed some little green balls and fished them out with gloves on just to get familiar with whats being released. I want to know how much is coming out as I’m going to do 4 more flushes over the next 4 months, and then after that once a year for healthy liver maintenance.

Can Cleansing The Liver Help to Release Anger?

One thing I’m watching closely in myself is to see if the liver flushes affect the levels of frustration that I experience. This is because frustration is related to anger, and anger is connected to the liver. Therefore, I figured that cleansing the liver could be an anger cleanse at the physical level. The little research I’ve done (more to come later) seems to prove this theory. Checking it in myself will be the real proof of the pudding though.

I’ve definitely not been feeling as frustrated as I was prior to the flush, but I need to give it time to really watch the impact of that. I will share if/when I notice more on that side of things.

In a few months time I’m going to share more deeply about what I’m physically, mentally, emotionally experiencing as a result of these flushes. But for now, I would highly recommend. It’s pretty easy to do. Not as bad as I first imagine. A lot easier than I imagined and a good way to look after your health.

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Here’s Parts 1 and 2 of How To Do A Liver Flush

(Written instructions can be found here – How To Do A Liver Flush)

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