Let Me See You

divine sourceoriginally posted in may 2013 vulnerablog.com

This is actually a song, not a poem, written this afternoon for my beautiful friend and for all of us that want to be seen x x x


Let those tears
Slide from your soul
You’ve got nothing to prove
Let go

Let your fear
Out of your dungeon
You’ve got nothing to lose
Be done

Let grief
Have her way with you
She is savage I know
But she’s true

Let your heart
Bleed out her pain
You’ve got nothing to lose
Everything to gain

Let your self
Be vulnerable
Give permission to feel
And save your soul

Let sadness
Wash through your being
She is deep, she is dark
And she’s helping you see things

Let your screams
Come on loud
You’ve got nothing to hold
Feel now

Let the force
Enrapture you
You have so much to give
Break through

Let your voice
Be your champion
She is trembling I know
But she’s already won

Take your sorrow
Give her some room
She is whole, she is huge, she is bright
Just like the moon

Let your soul
Come shining through
The burst of infinite being
That is you

Let your power
Show her true face
She is awesome and terrifying, beautiful
And so full of grace

Let your life
Be poured through you
I am down on my knees
Saying Thank you

Let me see you
Let me see you
Let me see you
Let me see you

alexa jael allen © 2013


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