KAMBO – Frog Medicine/Vaccine

The Poisonous Amazonian Kambo Frog That Brings Powerful Healing to Us Humans


I’m kind of cheating with this blog. I’m to write one blog everyday for . . . . actually, I don’t know how long for, I’m just continuing with it, building my Blog Muscle!

It’s got to just before bed time and I’m making a quick entry, stealing someone else videos and giving you a wee heads up on . . .

KAMBO – The Poisonous Frog Medicine/Vaccine.

I don’t know too much about this right now. It’s something that I’m looking into. This is what I do know –

This Amazonian frog exudes a poison from it’s skin that gets extracted (with no harm to the frog) so it can be used in healing ceremonies. The frog poison is applied to tiny, freshly burned areas of ones skin by a Shaman. The poison then enters the body and causes the body to have a huge release that can be experienced in an intense way that involves vomiting, emptying bowels, losing your mind for a while, swelling etc . . .

frog medicine ritual
Skin being burned ready for the frog medicine


However, this reaction to the medicine causes the immune system to step into action in a powerful way. The whole point of this ceremony and application is to STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM.

I’ve been reading about it and watching some reports on YouTube. It seems quite a full on experience but one with excellent health enhancing results.

People report feeling unburdened, stronger, lighter, calmer, more at peace.

You go through the ceremony three times I believe.

I’m considering doing this to strengthen my immune system, as my immune system isn’t naturally strong. I have an auto immune disease (insulin dependent diabetes) bipolar disorder and a recent cancer diagnosis.

My body needs all the help it can get. And the best help comes straight from nature.

It is said that when you are ready for the Kambo experience that the frog starts to call you. I am going to pay close attention to frogginess in my life then. And when I start to hear the frog call is when I’ll be ready to respond to and partake in this powerful healing.

I can’t wait to share the experience!

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Here’s a video of an Amazonian guy who has grown stressed and depressed from westernised life and so has gone back to his roots, in the Amazon, to partake in this ritual and get connected to his true self and well being again. It’s really inspiring – check it out x

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    • Yes!!! there’s someone coming to town to do a ceremony at the end of March x I need to wait to hear my gut response to it, but the more I check it out the more I feel connected to it x Powerful immune boost x x x

  1. Alexa,

    Kambo is a powerful immune system modulator too (is even being looked into by doctors for its use in curing auto-immune diseases.) I’ve personally taken 3 dots and it is very intense, you may experience swelling (its normal) and you will experience a strong warmth or heat radiate out into your body and it will seem to move according to its own will throughout your endocrine system. I am taking Kambo to cure my rare auto-immune disease (MCD) Minimal Change Disease, I also have Psorisis, Asthma, and the beginning stages of arthritis.. (all of these are auto-immune diseases.) I have even heard of people taking Kambo for an extended period of time and curing AIDS! (I read about 2 or 3 cases.)

    You should also look into Ayahuasca as it has Harmaline in it and Harmaline/Harmine are able to convert cancerous tissues back into normal tissue rather than just killing the cell.

    Medical Cannabis oil,
    Also known as Rick Simpson oil is a VERY potent concentration of CBD’s and THC, there are non THC oils, but THC has been known to reduce tumor size and even eliminate them altogether.. I have a friend whom did RSO for approx. 8 months 1-3 peasized drops daily over the course of the day and it cured her baseball sized brain tumor. Be warned the THC version of RSO is incredibly strong and is NOT to be used while driving. I suggest getting a medical prescription and then grow about 5lbs of weed and then make OIL from it, should give you enough oil to last about 1-2 years at 1-3 peasized drops. God bless you and good luck.

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