Would You Take an Intelligence Pill? Discover ‘Nootropics’.

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Now, you may have all heard of this term before, but it’s a first for me, so it may be a first for you too. I am literally discovering the world of nootropics right now, as I type, and I wanted to share with you as I learn.

Why Have Nootropics Caught My Attention Today?

I have had a super frustrating and infuriating day of trying to work, trying to think, trying to understand many complicated areas of internet marketing and to be quite frank I feel dumb and confused as hell and like I’m lacking in some much needed intelligence.

Then, this evening, whilst I’ve been going through some facebook marketing training I heard my teacher mention the words ‘nootropics’ which kind of slipped by me, but it was the explanation that caught my gist fast

Nootropics are supplements that make you more intelligent, more alert, more switched on, more vital. Supplements that protect and develop your neural circuits, as well as building new ones

and I thought ‘Whaaaaaa? I need some of that sh*t!’

So I leapt out of my virtual class and straight onto Google to see what I could find out about nootropics.

This is not an in depth blog, at all, it is merely a moment of me sharing something fascinating and new to me, I know very little right now but I will share more in future as I discover.

So, What Are Nootropics?

Because we are living in a super fast paced world people are wanting to be able to achieve at a much higher level. Caffeine (amongst many other things I’m sure . . ) has been commonly used to help people have more focus and energy to get complicated tasks done.

But there are now many other products being created under the umbrella term ‘nootropics‘, synthetic and plant based, and they are designed to –

  • improve memory
  • improve focus
  • improve attention
  • improve intelligence
  • protect your neurons
  • lower the chances of developing disorders such as Alzhiemers and schizophrenia
  • slow the effects of ageing
  • Also, they are said to have no negative side effects and are claimed to not be physically addictive.

Would You?

If you were asked “Would you take something that makes you more intelligent, was not addictive and had no negative side effects?” would you partake in some nootropics?

Now, I don’t know about you, but the movie ‘Limitless’ comes to mind! I’m up for a little natural enhancement, but a line has to be drawn somewhere . . .

However, I’m interested. As I scan nootropics sites online I can see that there are many different ‘drugs’, synthetic or plant based, that come under the nootropics title, so it’s something that needs to be looked into more deeply.

Over the next week I’ll research and see what I find. I recommend always doing research before taking anything new into your body. That’s obvious hey.

Are Nootropics Safe?

Well. I Don’t know . . yet. I need to do some further research. Like anything, no one can really tell until there have been intensive tests done, but even then, would you trust?

Personally I would only be interested in natural plant based nootropics anyhow. Plant based intelligence enhancers. I’m very wary of synthetics. I’m very wary of drugs full stop. But plant based things I’ll look into. I’ll write a blog once I’ve discovered more.

Nootropics is a massive topic so if you would like to have a deeper look and investigate yourself check out this site www.nootropics.co.uk for more info.

After the confusion I have experienced today a pill for intelligence seems super alluring! But I’ll use the intelligence I already have to research a bit further before I take any actions!

Be sure to check out my later blog with more info

Wishing you Love

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  1. I heard that coffee had worse side affects than the “brain enhancer” drugs but that said smoking was safe originally, go figure !, I prefer exercise induced brain power myself, great blog though x

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