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The Projector

In this blog I am going to share with you some videos about Human Design Projectors

I am a pure sacral generator and I have been living the human design experiment for 1 year now. I wrote a blog about my first year, which you can get to here

So far my journey has been very much about learning how my aura mechanics function, as a pure sacral generator. I don’t know too much yet about the projectors, but I have had a few experiences with them that I can share.

Like I said, I’m a pure sacral generator (if you’d like to know more about generators go here) so my first year has been about coming to terms with this sacral response that lives in my body and is the true driver of my life.

My experiment has been teaching me clearly and loudly about where to spend my vital life force energy, and where not to.

I’ve experienced intense waiting periods, mega lengths of time on my own and a lot of ‘dropping away’ of people, relationships and activities etc, since starting my experiment, due to either the lack of ‘being asked’ or because of the lack of my body responding. It’s been an intense and mind erupting and dissolving first year, with much frustration and many tears and shatterings along the way.

I’ve been meeting some Projectors . . .

And it’s been really interesting for me to meet projectors, as I’m aware that my aura is behaving differently around them.

It’s true that we can’t get to know what the aura type is of most people around us is, but I’ve been discovering that often my aura can now detect what type of aura another person might be. This seems to be particularly true with manifesting generators! Around them I can feel their busy-ness, their movement . . . but I’ll write about this in another blog . . .

But around the projector I can ‘feel’ something different in me. There’s a kind of ‘auric knowing‘ that the energy is alright for me to invite them into my experience, if I feel that way inclined. I feel a kind of ‘safeness’ asking them.

If I am going to ask a generator or a manifesting generator something I have to really ‘wait’ until it ‘feels’ open for me to ask them. Often I have to continue waitig. It feels like I’m pushing up against something otherwise.

But when I’m asking a projector it often feels ‘more open’. If I’m wondering about asking or inviting them it feels open already. i’f I’m not wondering about that they are not in my mind at all. I can easily drop it and let it go.  I feel kind of . . . safe. I don’t know how else to say it! I feel like I can ask them, and then ask them to ask me (check back that it’s also something I want) and it feels kind of clean.

I’ve been learning, especially with emotional generators, that it can feel and get all messed up and unclear and out of sync! So, I don’t ask basically, I wait.

But with the projectors I feel ok to step out and ask.

Projectors need to be invited

Projectors need to ‘wait’ to be invited, and generators need to ‘wait to be asked’ but between the two it’s the generator that invites the projector first.

In Human Design there’s a kind of heirarchy of ‘who goes first’. It goes like this –

  • Manifestor ‘informs’
  • Generators respond
  • Projectors get invited in (to help with guidance, but only when invited to)
  • Reflectors . . . well, I haven’t sussed them yet. they kind of oversee everything, I believe!

Some more about Projectors . . .

Projectors are guides. And nothing is more guiding for a generator than being asked excellent yes/no questions. This is because the generator finds its way through life via the responses it makes to yes/no questions. So perfectly focused questions are amazing and life aligning.

Projectors have a penetrating and focused aura that can see into others exceptionally well. They can see things the rest of us can’t.

So, when a projector is living correctly and waiting to be invited, it’s guidance can be extremely spot on and very valuable.

But, projectors have a need to be recognised and when they are not living their strategy and authority they can tend to, in an uninvited way,  ‘get in the way’ and  as a result of not being acknowledged will feel pissed off and bitter.

Basically they are designed to ‘wait’ until they are invited, and it’s when they are invited that their brilliance really get’s a chance to come forth and be shared. If it’s not been invited out of them and they still offer it, it can go by unseen, which isn’t a good experience for the projector who’s positive signature is ‘Success’.

If you’re reading this and you’re a projector, you’ll probably know what I’m getting at here, more than I do myself.

Anyway, I’ve made some new projector friends in my first year and they are lovely people, and they do seem to have in common this ability to guide others.

Here’s some videos to explain more about how the Projector functions

I’m not a Human Design professional at all, just a 6/2 sacral generator who is serious about living her own design/truth. I’m blogging about Human Design because I love it, I live it and I find it deeply fascinating, and also because people are asking me about it.

Therefore I’m going to share with you where I get a lot of my Human Design education from and that is Ra Uru Hu (the man that brought us Human Design) and John Martin who teaches about Human Design.

They are very different but both know their stuff.

I’ll pop a few vids below so just take a look and get a feel for what the projector is all about.

Here’s John. Listen, he explains well, and pay attention to what he says about the ’emotional projectors’ about 8 minutes in.

And here’s Ra Uru Hu with his clean spot on take

I hope you have enjoyed this information x I look forward to connecting with you again.

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4 Replies to “Human Design – Projectors”

  1. Hi, I’m a quad right 5/1 emotional projector.
    I really enjoyed your blog on the qualities of quad rights. My favorite moment in being QR is when I’m standing on a street corner with a friend (usually male, I’m female) and their sense of me is that I’m not aware and they put their hand out across my body to keep me from what? falling into the street. It took me awhile to realize they were feeling my openness/awareness and mistaking it for not being aware as they are probably to the left. Always makes me laugh…if they only knew! Ha!

    • Hi Lynne!! Yes! That sounds so familiar! Something that happens to me a lot is when I’m riding my bike. When I’m riding I feel like I have full peripheral vision. I can see everything that’s happening around me and I can even see what’s going to happen before others can. Yet I sometimes get shouted at for being on my bike, like someone thinks that I’m going to run them over. I’m not. I can see! I’m not cycling down hectic pedestrianised pavements either! But I relate to what you say. I often wonder why people behave like that. Infact, if someone were holding me back to keep me safe, it will probably be me pulling them back a few seconds later for something they totally missed altogether, which I spotted ages ago! haha

  2. Hi Alexa–

    The videos you’ve attached are not loading! Are they still up on this site?
    Love the article, thank you for sharing <3


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