Healing Yourself and Your Ancestors With the Emotion Code

Ancestral Healing - Orinal drawing by Alexa Allen
‘Ancestral Healing’ by Alexa Allen

I am always open to receiving the simplest and most effective ways of being able to be at peace, be present in the moment and being able to let go and surrender to and trust life. This involves healing practices. The easier the better, as far as I’m concerned. Hence why I’m loving The Emotion Code.

(Below I share more about what The Emotion Code actually is and how it can help us with ancestral healing and where you can get a free copy of the e-book to learn about it, but first I’m going to share a bit about how it came to me. If you don’t want to know about that scroll down  to What is The Emotion Code.)

Why Ancestral Healing Became Important to Me

Back in September 2015 I had a new key word titleing my experience, the keyword was ‘Ancestors‘. It just came about in my awareness and I started thinking about my ancestors a lot.

Axis Mundi - by Alexa Allen. This is the shape I was moving around in x
‘Axis Mundi’

A couple of cranial-sacral sessions later and a deep chat with my psychic friend Jennifer brought into my awareness, in a powerful way, some of my actual ancestors – my mothers mother and her 5 sisters.

They popped out of the conversation and positioned themselves around me; one above me, one below me, one behind me, one before me, one to my left and one to my right. Grandmother and great aunts. Me in the middle!

I awoke to this configuration and carried it with me for a good few weeks. I was drawing it a lot, sensing it, communicating with it, them and was wondering a lot about it and their significance.

Linking My Ancestors To My Own Healing

Throughout 2015 I had been overcoming a cancerous tumour which I had surgically removed from my left collar in late 2014. And throughout the whole process I have experienced a lot of pain in my neck, shoulder and collar, as well as inside, emotionally, particularly with my mother line, mother wound.

I went to the cranial sacral sessions with this powerful keyword ‘Ancestors’ exploding within me, driving me there.

It was then explained to me that the areas of body that were asking for support are involved with ancestral energies; the sacrum and the neck and the kidneys.

The sacrum and neck have an ancestral linkage. The two year pain in my neck began in my sacrum and then jumped up to my neck, (a sign that it’s something ancestral) where I next grew a cancerous tumour and experienced a lot of pain.

The kidneys are where we store a lot of unresolved ancestral energies.

After these two sessions my neck felt loose and a lot more pain free and the keyword ‘ANCESTORS’ was fleshing out and feeling more real and fuller to me. And, also me to myself.

I began researching ancestors and how to heal the ancestral line.


My keyword merged from ‘Ancestors’ to ‘Shamanism’, (the keywords appear for me before the knowledge usually!) as I quickly discovered that the Shamanic path is deeply involved with ancestral energies, healing them and working with them in spirit.

I eagerly jumped into shamanic journeying, mega surprised at the imagery and symbolism being shown to me. and my ability to see and receive it.  I began drawing everything I was seeing and being shown.

And then, a chance encounter with a shamanic practitioner revealed to me that the shape that I had recently been grooving around in with my mother line ancestors, is called the Axis Mundi. An integral aspect of shamanism. The bridge between heaven and earth. The four directions. The heart/being in the center.

My ancestors had been showing to me my very own Axis Mundi. My journeys were showing to me the same. My body was showing it to me too. My aura was feeling it. I discovered that it’s even on the palms of my hand.

So, for me recognising my Ancestors was a big recognition. A huge internal link up that had to be made. I am so grateful. I wanted connection. I wanted to help. I wanted to be helped also.

It’s also Divine that these particular relatives were all involved in the healing arts when they were alive and kicking. The six of them and me are the perfect combination.

We Perceive What We Believe

Then, in November, I had a vision. Sitting on the bench at the end of the road, overlooking the pathway, the bushes the sea and the sky I saw, at a more deeply embodied level, that all that I was seeing was being projected forth through me from spirit, and that ‘the way I was seeing and experiencing everything’ was being distorted by crap (beliefs, opinions, judgments) that were stuck in and on a lens, a filter. A filter that we all have and that we all carry around.

I’ve known this for a long time, I just hadn’t seen it this clearly before. And with all the ancestral connections coming up around this time, I was seeing how deeply integrated these distortions can be and from how far back they can originate.

I understood in that moment that my work for the coming year of 2016 is to CLEANSE THE FILTER, in the simplest, easiest, most enjoyable and effective way, for myself and for my ancestors and basically for everyone I come into contact with, or not!

So with these two realisations in mind I began getting to work (more than normal) I did Family Constellations, I read Steven Farmers Healing Ancestral Karma (haven’t fully practiced it yet) I began Lion Goodman’s Belief Closet process, I continued with the shamanic journeying and then . . .

The Emotion Code

Landed in my lap(top).

The Emotion CodeI came across The Emotion Code a few years back but I didn’t progress with it because of the muscle testing:- I couldn’t trust it then.

However, two years of living my human design has been really grounding me into my body. I’ve discovered that I trust the intelligence of my body so much more and now muscle testing is a welcome and effective gift.

So rediscovering The Emotion Code this time round was exciting! Realising that it heals the ancestral lines as well was a major bonus.

What is The Emotion Code?

In a nutshell

  • it is a simple process,
  • that you can do for yourself and others,
  • that involves asking the body with (easy to learn and implement) muscle testing if we have trapped emotions that are causing pain, blockages, illness, life issues etc.
  • When trapped emotions are identified they are released with a fridge magnet
  • And, via muscle testing you can trace back to where the inherited trapped emotions came from
  • – therefore releasing if from the ancestral line (if that’s where it originated)
  • It’s super effective and measurable
  • more below!

A few years back when I was so much more in my head I couldn’t allow such a simple process. No way. NO FUCKING WAY! I’m complex! That can’t work on me!

Now, after two years of responding and living from my sacral (human design) I get it that keeping it simple is the most powerful and aligning way to live.

I had to get out of my head to accept such a simple process as this. And I’m loving it.

The Emotion Code and Ancestral Healing

And this is where the real beauty (for me) comes in – Using the Emotion Code to release trapped energy, one is able to track back to where the trapped energy originated from.

Sometimes it has originated within our own experience, from a trauma or a difficult time, and sometimes we inherit it at conception via our parents, as it may be an unresolved issue that they have been carrying around. And sometimes they have inherited it from their parents and so on and so on.

It can go quite far back.

Via muscle testing you can track the genealogy of the issue right back to the actual person it came up in and got stuck in.

Why is Healing Our Ancestors Important?

Our ancestors, although not existing here in our physical dimension, do exist, in spirit, and they cannot release or let go of unresolved issues by themselves. This creates energetic patterns that link us to them – patterns that can have a disruptive influence on our lives today.

We are deeply impacted by the emotional and energetic patterns from prior generations in our family. Some of these patterns can create great problems in our lives including blocks to abundance and joy and good health, pain, emotional issues as well as limiting our otherwise unlimited possibilities!

Because energy cannot be destroyed, problems that haven’t been dealt with by our ancestors can ‘hang around’ in our own energy field today creating all sorts of imbalances.

Therefore, ancestral healing can transform emotional and energetic patterns that are not in your highest and greatest good or that are preventing you from living to your highest potential. Healing the ancestral lines may be what’s needed to free you up.

And – you can do it easily with The Emotion Code

Get The Emotion Code For FREE!

I recommend getting Dr Bradley Nelsons book The Emotion Code. He gives it away free as an e-book here –


What a wonderful journey these past few months have been, getting me ready to actively use this simple, easy, elegant and effective process for multidimensional healing.

Emotion Code Every Day of 2016

My intention is to use The Emotion Code each day of this year, working with what arises, to use it in a simple and direct way. I don’t have any plan. I just have the ability to ask my body “Do I have any trapped emotions that I need to release?” and the ability to release what comes up.

Although I regularly practice other healing methods, I have never committed to a whole year of practicing one method. I am curious as to what it will free up for me. . . .

So watch this space!

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