Field Clearing Technique

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creating new neural pathways in the brain means new habits and beliefs.

Field Clearing Technique

This is a tapping/EFT technique that I learned in my Matrix Re-imprinting training. It is designed to clear stuck patterns, behaviours, habits and addictions from the mind/body. It rewires the circuits in the brain, creating new habit patterns. It is a simple process. Takes 5 minute to do. It’s usually used after someone has cleared trauma through matrix re-imprinting and or EFT, but even if you’re clearing and healing stuff in other ways you can still give it a try.

If you’re really junked up with some major crunchy issues think about doing some healing before implementing this technique. There’s loads of great practitioners out there, me being one of them. But hell! You can still give it a try!

brain in hands
Put the rewiring of your brain into your own trust worthy hands

I am a matrix reimprinting practitioner. I am bloody marvellous at getting people to clear their shit, but I am the worse client of EFT and Matrix Reimpriting EVER!  Mind you, this has not stopped me moving powerfully through my healing journey and it never stopped me using this technique. I like this technique because it is engaging you in the NOW whilst rewriting your inner scripts. If you have some patterns you’d like to shift and/or a new behaviour you’d like to bring in, give it a go. Anything from changing your diet, wanting to be ready for a beautiful relationship, becoming a successful business being, allowing a more abundant income, improving your health and well-being, this energy sequence helps.  give it a go! Take your brain into your own hands and start creating your life deliberately.

It takes 21 days to rewire neural circuits/pathways, meaning, if you practice a new practice persistently over a 21 day period that new practice will be recognised by the physical wiring of the brain as a new habit. 21 days to rewire the circuits, 90 days to make them super solid. I am engaged in a few 21 day and 90 day projects at the moment, powerful re-writing the brain scripts. If I don’t make these efforts I stay shackled to limiting obsolete behaviours and beliefs, and that makes me feel like shit. None of these habit re-writing routines take longer than 5 minues. I highly recommend. Get to work!

Field Clearing Technique.

Be aware that you need to do EFT or Matrix Reimprinting or something equally as powerful to clear all the negative events/traumas associated with this particular issue of your in order for the field clearing technique to work. Ideally you clear them first, then doing the field clearing daily for 21 days. This is the protocol (and it only takes 5 minutes). If anything comes up for you, any resistance, or any negative memories, while you’re doing it – stop and clear that first! (You can do that with tapping/EFT, if you want more info on that click here it will take you to a ‘what is’ page and if you scroll down it’ll teach you ‘how to’ as well)

(from page 144-145 of the booking “Matrix Reimprinting” by Sasha Allenby and Karl Dawson)

You already know the habit that you don’t want, so what do you want instead?
Your first step is to identify the complete opposite of your behaviour. (bad diet, unhealthy, skint, lonely etc. Find what is the opposite of your stuck behaviour; healthy diet, fit body and cells, abundant income, in a loving relationship etc) Then use this as your set-up phrase while tapping on your karate chop point.  The set-up phrase to tap into your karate chop point for this technique is:

• Even though I haven’t always __________________ [positive behaviour], I totally love and accept myself [repeat three times]

For example:

• Even though I haven’t always eaten a healthy diet
• Even though I haven’t always been tidy and organised
• Even though I haven’t always had financial freedom.

Keep your eyes closed for the remainder of the technique (if this is comfortable for you). Tap using the following sequence (with the positive behaviour filling in each blank):

• Tap on the top of your head as you say “I haven’t always ___________”
• Tap on the brow as you say “I want to always ___________”
• Tap on the side of the eye as you say “I choose to always __________”
• Tap under the eye as you say “I love to always ____________ because” and then list all the reasons why you want to carry out the positive behaviour, either in your mind or out loud
Tap under the nose. As you do, ask yourself what your life would look like if you carried out the positive behaviour. Either verbalise or bring to mind all the positive images you associate with carrying out the positive behaviour.
• Tap on the chin. As you do, ask yourself what you would hear if you carried out the positive behaviour. What would you expect to hear others saying about you? And what would you be saying about yourself. You can say these out loud if it helps you resonate with them more.
Tap on the collar bone. Ask yourself what action you would need to take in order to regularly carry out this behaviour. Either verbalise the actions, or bring them to mind.
Tap under the arm. Ask yourself how you would feel if you had this positive behaviour. Get into the feeling space of it.  If you are having trouble accessing this, try and remember a time in your life when the negative behaviour wasn’t present. Allow the feelings of having this positive behaviour move through your whole body.
Tap on the thumb (the outside edge of the thumb nail). As you do, choose one image that you associate with the positive behaviour.  Be sure that you are in the image and take this image into your mind.
Tap on the index finger (the same edge of the nail as the thumb nail). As you do, with the image in your mind, picture all the neurons in your brain reconnecting to make this image your reality.
Tap on the middle finger (on the edge of the nail again). As you do, send a signal to every cell in your body that the positive behaviour is your new reality.
Tap on your fourth finger (nail). As you do, take the new image into your heart.
Tap on your little finger (nail). As you do, make all the colours around the image really strong and bright, and get in touch with all the positive emotions that you associate with this image.
• Tap on your wrist (pulse points). As you do, send the new image out into the field. Spend a minute or two doing this so there is a very strong sense of the new image out there.
• Tap on the karate chop point. As you do, bring to mind all the things you are grateful for in relation to your new behaviour. You can lists these silently or out loud. Finish with a dance of gratitude, either in your mind or in reality, in order to seal the new belief with positive emotions!

Check out that new frequency you are blasting out into the Cosmic mirror of space! Each time you blast out a positively charged image out into the field it is like you are firing out a ka-billion super charged boomerangs. What goes out will come back. Well done!

brain emitting frequency
“I am emitting healthy, attractive frequencies”

Maybe I’ll make a video or audio of this, as there’s nothing on youtube I can find right now. Mmmm, later x

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