How To Do a Deep Forgiveness Detox

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Letting go allows you to give your heart more


Why forgive?

Forgiveness is super important. For years forgiveness has stumped me and has had me wondering how the heck do you actually do it?

I certainly can feel bunged up with terrible, crunchy, gnarly grudges in my system. I’m mostly aware of it through the shit thoughts that my default programmed mind torments me with and with the shit feelings that that causes me to feel.

Also, I have the experience of living with disease; insuling dependent diabetes, bipolar disorder and more recently Cancer.

It is cancer that mostly inspires my forgiveness efforts

It is well known in healing circles that the ’emotional’ frequency/cause/environment of cancer is resentment, and what’s the remedy for resentment? –


Forgiveness is about letting go. Choosing to release grudges, anger, hatefulness. All that that grudge, anger and hatefulness does is cause the beholder to suffer, BADLY.

It can feel challenging to forgive and let go but it beats holding on to it,  MONUMENTALLY.

Remember, when you are forgiving someone, you are forgiving the person and not necessarily the actions that you’re still pissed off about. You’re giving yourself permission to DROP the residual energy that you’re surrounding them with in your psyche and body.  It takes a lot of energy to hold that in place. By forgiving you are choosing to no longer harbour those thoughts and feelings inside yourself.  By forgiving you are freeing up your energy, giving your general health a boost and whilst polishing up your positive state of attraction.

Practicing forgiveness is super-dooper extremely healthy for you! It empties your heart and leaves you more open to be love, loved, loving, lovable and free.

heart opening

Here is  a Powerful Forgiveness Method designed to clear negativity out of your body and your life.

It takes between 30 and 60 minutes to do and is absolutely worth the time and effort.

As with any detox, it’s important to repeat the process regularly. Doreen Virtue doesn’t mention how regularly so at the moment I’m just trusting my intuition and doing it when I feel I need to, which is about once a week. I expect to do it less regularly as I get freer and freer of hoarding resentment inside me.

The Forgiveness Detox – How To Do It

  • Go to a place where you can be by yourself without interruption

Lock yourself in a room with a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door, or, go and sit in the middle of nature like I did. It’s important to not be disturbed and to have clear space and time to yourself. Give yourself at least one hour.

  • Get a notebook or a few sheets of paper (and some tissues!)

Write down the names of every single person or animal who has ever bothered, irritated or infuriated you, whether you know them or not.

Start with whatever name comes to mind and continue until you feel empty! Allow your mind to go as far back as you can remember.

If you remember certain people but not their names just write a brief description of them, for example ‘that girl I sat next to in science’.

You’re probably going to remember people you haven’t thought about in ages. You are likely to end up with a pretty long list with your own name at the top somewhere.

Continue until you can’t think of any more people

  • Now you’re going to go through the list.  As you get to each person say their name out loud and then say these words –

I love you

I forgive you

I hold no forgiveness back

I am free

And you are free

I let you go.

You may experience a few sensations as you move through this process. You might find yourself cringing, having some resistance. You might hear your ego mind going ape shit about it. You may shed some tears. None of this matters. Just say it anyway.

Remember that you are forgiving the person not necessarily their actions.

And, remember that forgiving means that YOU are choosing to release it/them/the energy from YOU.

This forgiveness session will help you to lighten your spirit and your body in very powerful ways.

  • In the following days you may bump into or dream about people who remind you of the people you wrote down on your list.

This is not coincidence.

This is the universes way of letting you know WHO you still hold grudges towards.

Pay attention.

As these reminders come in, bringing certain people back into your mind, say their name and repeat the words above and pray/ask for help to help you completely forgive and let go. A prayer or ask like that might sound like this –

“Thank you God/Life/Universe for helping me to completely forgive and release these beings and this energy”

The more you release, let go and forgive the more that negativity will reduce and dissolve from your life.

Like every thing else – you don’t know if it works until you actually try it and give it a chance. So –

  • Do you need some inner freedom?
  • Are you carrying things that you need to let go of?
  • Would you like to give this method a go?

Go on then, DO IT! And IN-JOY the relief in your soul! x


I learned this method from Doreen Virtue’s book  ‘The Light Workers Way’.  Doreen created this ‘Forgiveness Session’ from the work of John Randolph Price.

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