A Blogger Needs to Learn How to Touch Type!

learn how to touch type
If you’re gonna be blogging, you NEED to know how to type!

As a fresh new Digital Entreprenuer, there are lots of things I’m needing to learn and get good at. Some of these skills I’m already half good at, and some are so brand new my brain feels like it’s exploding open!

One of the new ‘daily practices’ I’ve recently taken on, as part of building the foundations of my online business  (just for now though , not forever, and only ‘daily’ to get it wired into me as a habit) is ‘Blogging’.

There are plenty of things for me to blog about including everything I’m learning through my education with The SFM, all the healing techniques I know about and am newly discovering and all the stuff that comes up for me in life.

I’m training myself to be able to sit down, blurt out a blog, with ease and little thought or editing, in as minimal time as possible. Not ‘no thought’ because I don’t care what I write about, more ‘no thought’ because I’d like my writing to come so naturally it bypasses my head and comes straight from my heart.

Presently this is an impossible task, as studying and learning and assimilating new skill sets takes a while, and I’m usually writing about the things I’m learning AS I’m learning them, not when I’ve already mastered them (yet!).

However, once I really know what I’m talking about (in the healing arena I’m more fluent) I’ll be able to fire off blogs like a  . . . . Shit! See! Couldn’t even finish that line! Oh well . . . .

Learn How To Touch Type

Anyway, to help my blogging expansion and growth and the growth of my online business, I have decided to take on another one of the challenges in our SFM training, which is – TO LEARN HOW TO TOUCH TYPE!

Touch Typing? Me? Why?!!

Why is it important for me to learn how to touch type? Well, because as I sit here every night  blogging I am getting infuriated with the amount of one finger bouncing around there is on my key pad, and how many terrible spelling mistakes I make, and how many just sloppy extra added letters and repeated symbols mash across the screen because of my super sloppy clumsy fingerwork, AND,  because of the amount of times that I’ve been intensely lost in writing entire sentences, sometimes paragraphs, and I look up and it’s all in BASTARD ANNOYING CAPITAL LETTERS!

The idea of being able to write and keep an eye on what I’m writing, and to do so much more quickly and easily, and the idea of the comfort of my fingers and hands being at ‘home’ on the keyboard, is starting to feel enticing and necessary.

Therefore, I’m doing it. 15 minutes a day of typing exercise. Blogging with gradual more ease, and helping my online business develop!

And do you know what? I’m actually enjoy it!

Here’s a Free Easy ‘Learn How to Touch Type’ Course Online

SFM recommended a really good free online typing training site, check it out its here – http://www.typing-lessons.org/lesson_1.html

I started my first lesson whilst sat with my two young nieces, whilst they were watching a Disney film, and in no time at all they wanted to be playing the game that I was playing and grunting and damning and yessing to in the corner! Speed typing and aiming to beat your own score every time! To me its on a par with playing a video game!

So, here’s to my growing typing ability and muscle!

With that said, back to online typing lesson two and more future sharing and blogging for my Beautiful Online Business!

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