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cancer dancer
Dancing whilst saying affirmations helps!

Check out my VIDEO below – 90 Day Health Conditioning Challenge For Those of Us With Cancer

In October 2014 I received a diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer. Although not the most aggressive cancer, being told that you have cancer is a terrifying experience.

Since then I have been doing everything in my power to help myself be healthy, from being more aware of what I put into my body, and what I do with my body to being more aware of and challenging the thoughts that I am thinking and telling myself, challenging for this bipolar brain I’m telling you!

The cancer experience has woken me up to the fact that not only do I need to be in much better health but I also need more abundance in my life so that that I can remarkably look after myself in all the ways that I’ve not been able to whilst being out of work and with little money (due to other health issues).

This is turning around as I have now started this online business, which is super healthy for me, as it gives me focus, I am learning valuable skills, I am sharing my gifts, I am helping myself and others in ways that nourish my soul and I am part of an awesome community who are all learning together. Check this ‘Laptop Lifestyle’ banner to find out more about our tribe and what we have to offer x

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So there are many massive transformations occurring for me right now, many mind sets I am needing to (and in the process of) completely turning around, and I’ll be honest with you – it’s bloody hard work. But if I don’t make the efforts to support these changes to take place, it’s only going to get harder.


Affirmations are not a way to escape and deny what’s going on in your current experience. You have to look at, acknowledge and accept what is happening, and then you can choose to exercise your mind and build it up with new thoughts, which will become new beliefs. Affirmations can be a powerful part of our healing journey.

I have written some other blogs about affirmations which you can get to here x

We are all held back to some degree by the limiting beliefs that we hold, and these beliefs drive all of our actions and choices in life.

Committing to exercising your mind with affirmations can help to start to turn some of these limiting beliefs around.

If you’re anything like me then you will sometimes experience crippling limiting thoughts and beliefs. These thoughts and beliefs are just deeply entrenched patterns. They can be worked out and released in many ways. Affirmations is one of those ways.

Gardening Your Mind is Healing

Think of affirmations as acting a bit like a gardeners trowel. As you start repeating the affirmations in your mind or out loud (out loud is better) you start stirring up and loosening all the other embedded thoughts and beliefs in your psyche.

As you stir these up all these stuck beliefs they start to rise into your consciousness. This can be a bit freaky. So, it is possible that as you practice saying affirmations you may at the same time be challenged with some heavier darker thoughts coming into your mind. It is energy coming up to be released. Keep practicing your affirmations, give them a chance to grow stronger. You are in the process of purposely growing new life supporting beliefs.

A belief is a thought that has been thought over and over again. So as you choose and repeat and think new thoughts they grow in strength and your beliefs grow with them.

When we are healing it really helps to have supportive beliefs, otherwise we limit our chances of getting healthier by holding onto thoughts that keep us down.

We need to love ourselves by choosing loving thoughts x

Why 90 days?

It takes 21 days for the brain to start firing and wiring new neural circuits. Each time you think a thought it fires off in your brain, when you keep thinking the new thought this firing and wiring gets stronger until new circuits are grown in the brain. After 21 days the newly growing neural circuits begin to knit.

However, I have taken more to the 90 day challenges now. 90 days is to get that new habitual thought (or action) hardwired into the brain. Practice anything for 90 days and it becomes a habit.

Don’t believe me? Let me ask – have you tried?

I’ve been doing a 90 day wealth mind set conditioning challenge in the past few months. I got so used to doing it that I’m still doing it every day, it’s become a habit! Some of the affirmations have settled in to me and some haven’t, but it’s not hurting me to keep bringing them deliberately into my awareness and lifting them like weights every day.

Affirmations are healthy habits, better than doing nothing. It can be challenging at first, but it’s still worth the effort.

I challenge you to join in.

The 90 Day Health Conditioning Challenge

I created a list of affirmations for those of us who are healing through cancer, or any other health condition really.

I chose some of my favourite affirmations and made up a few too. Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to improve what’s already here.

I would really like to have set up a  90 day health conditioning challeng, particularly for those of us healing through cancer to create and put out a video every day, I just don’t have the space for that right now. I will do this when I do have space.

So for now I’ve made one instructional video, which can be watched and followed over and over for 90 days. It’s at the bottom of this post.

I challenge you to take this on, to practice this each day, just once a day, more if you’re up to it. Pop it into your daily routine and let me know what you are noticing as a result of this practice. Like, are you feeling more reassured? Are you feeling stronger? Is your health improving? Is your mindset improving? Are your beliefs changing? Are you noticing stuff coming up? I’d love to know how you are getting on.

With that all said here’s my 90 day affirmations for healing cancer video (below the video in YouTube and below the text on this page I have shared the list of affirmations that I’m using. You might want to print or copy them out for your convenience.)

To our collective health and well-being x

Here’s the affirmations
(Each time you follow the video choose a different affirmation for the visual, auditory, kineasthetic and feeling exercises)
My body responds well to the healthy foods I put into it
I look forward to exercising every day
I love living a healthy active lifestyle
All the people in my life support my healthy lifestyle
I am grateful for my beautiful, healthy, balanced body
Healthy people and situations are magnetically drawn to me
I love taking great care of myself
I enjoy peace of mind and fulfilment every day
My physical body is in vital (optimum) health
I love my whole body
Everything in my body operates perfectly
I have abundant energy every day
Every cell in my body is filled with youthful vigour
With each breathe I take I grow stronger, clearer, grounded and more healthy
I am emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially healthy today and every day of my life
Every cell in my body is healthy and perfectly functioning
I lovingly forgive and release all of my past
I choose to fill my world with joy
I love and approve of myself
Only good lies before me
I am willing to release all patterns in my consciousness that create this condition
I am willing to release all the patterns in my consciousness that no longer support my good health, wealth and well being
I am feeling confident
I am feeling strong
Every day in every way I am getting better and better.


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