8 of the BEST Guided Meditations Online for FREE

guided meditations

Here’s some GREAT guided meditations I enjoy that are freely available on the internet 

1. Paul McKenna Hypnosis Meditation – Boost Confidence, Wellbeing, Be Happier – Very Powerful! This one is my favourite, for two reasons. The first reason being because McKennas voice is possibly the BEST voice in the Universe! The first time I listened to this I was in hysterics because I couldn’t get over how sexy his super smooth hypnotic drawl was! And the second reason I love this one is because I always just ‘go’ somewhere and come back having no idea where I’ve been, but coming back feeling much better! No matter how hard I try, I go under every time!

Honestly, check out his voice, its amazing!

**NOTE – The above hynosis has been removed from youtube currently, so I have temporarily replaced it with another Paul McKenna hypnosis. Different hypnosis, same long sexy drawl . . . this one is more focused on success and seeing oneself positively.


2. Opening To The Great Perfection This guy has a great voice too – Craig Hamilton from Integral Enlightenment. This meditation is really great for helping you to get your worries and concerns into perspective.  Craig guides you to connect with all of humanity, to understand that what you are experiencing isn’t personal to you but is part of the human experience. I LOVE this mediation. It really helps me feel like I ‘belong’ here as well as helping me to expand my awareness beyond myself. Brilliant clear recording too. This one takes you somewhere . . .

Follow this link – http://integralenlightenment.com/academy/audios/free-meditation/ – and stream or download the free meditation offered there, called –  ‘Opening to the Great Perfection’ 


3. Check out this Jose Silva Mind Centering Meditation that takes you into deep alpha, delta, theta levels of mind. The instructor guides you through a series of visualisations that take you super deep.  It’s a ‘Dynamic Meditation’ which means actively using your mind and all your senses and imagination.  Very powerful. Takes you into deep states of physical relaxation. First time I did this when I came round I was dribbling! No lie!

There’s a few instructions prior to the guided meditation. I recommend paying attention to them. The actual meditation starts at 4:26 and is 30 mins long.

4. Louise Hay Lovers – This one’s nice for first thing in the morning. Louise Hay helps you to love and appreciate everything as you’re waking up and her words help you to prepare, pave and bless the day ahead with love. Good for getting your vibes into alignment before you get up and start moving.

5. Louise Hay has one for the end of the day too –


6- Guided Meditation With Eckhart Tolle I love Tolle’s voice but he can make me chuckle somewhat, but a bit of chuckling is a bonus! Apart from the odd chuckle from me I do actually find him incredibly soothing and easy to follow –


7. Abraham-Hick Well Being Meditation – If you are or aren’t an Abraham-Hicks fan you will still like this one – it’s a 15 minute long well-being meditation that has some gentle music playing and is a good one for getting your thoughts re-aligned.


7. Alan Watts offering up some ‘What’s meditation all about’ contemplation –




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