10 Energetic Ways to Clear Shitty Non-Productive Overwhelm


If you’re anything like me you’re going to hit shitty overwhelm on a semi-regular basis.  I’m often meeting it because I’m learning, stretching, healing myself so that I can grow and transform my life.

Overwhelm is inevitable, especially when you love to grow and learn, but, its also releasable.

Personally when I hit overwhelm it feels like I cannot even access one noodle of information from my brain. My brain feels like a tightly knotted up ball of wool, and I get bursts of mega frustration blustering around and throughout me like a tornado. Raaahhhhh!! I also get bursts of livid-ness, so I savagely bite a stick or my wooden hairbrush, like a pitbull, to release some momentary fury! Well! That’s better than letting it acumulate!

Anyway, overwhelm sucks, feels like shit and gets you nowhere. I like to keep my energy as balanced and as flowing as I possibly can, my well-being and life depends on how I manage my energy.

So, after biting through my hairbrush today and making myself retch I got to wondering “Um, what are some of the more effective ways I know of dissolving this overwhelm?” so I marked them down in my journal and figured I’d share them here.

10 Energetic Ways To Clear Shitty Non-Productive Overwhelm

1) EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

If you don’t know anything about EFT it’s kind of like a cousin to acupuncture, but uses no needles. Instead of needles you gently tap on specific points on your body and the result is a release of emotion/tension/issue/problem/fear. It’s pretty damn good and dead easy to learn. If you’re brand new to it and want to learn more click here and it’ll take you to a ‘How To‘ page.

If you already know EFT and you’re up for a bit of tapping right now to alleviate your overwhelm here’s a great video from Jessica Ortner. Although this routine is specifically about overwhelm and finances you can actually change the word ‘money’ to whatever it is that you’re overwhelmed about. For example I changed ‘money’ to ‘marketing‘ cause I was spinning out about not understanding marketing! Wow! Im doing some maarketing right now! That tapping must have really helped!

2)  T.A.T (Tapas Acupressure Technique)

Another easy energy technique to learn. It takes about 15 minutes to do and the reason I love this technique is because its so global, meaning, you don’t have to think up or get strategic with your focus or thoughts. The steps are always the same. I found a lovely lady online who has already created a TAT for overwhelm video online. Would you like to try it out now?

3) Abraham-Hicks

If you’ve never heard of Abraham-Hicks they are a collective Cosmic entity channelled through Esther Hicks. In a nut shell what they bang on about is ‘being in alignment‘. I love their teachings, because even though they go all around the houses with their explanations for everything it always comes back to the same thing – HOW ARE YOU FEELING RIGHT NOW? Your point of attraction is always NOW. Anything you’re wanting to create comes down to what frequency you’re vibing out right NOW. I found a little video/audio of them helping someone shift from overwhelm to clarity via their thinking/feeling process. Check them out –


4) Dance

cancer dancerThere’s nothing quite like a bit of rocking out to get your juices flowing. I don’t have a place of my own so I take my dancing outside, random spots. I’ve been immunising myself against the apparent judgement of others (I’m sure they don’t give a shit!) by dancing in semi public spaces outside. It’s part of my healing, but that’s another story…. Just get your iPod, MP3 player or ghetto blaster and put yourself somewhere you can fling yourself around. Trust me dancing is ACE for shifting your energy. In November 2014 when I went in for surgery to have a cancerous lump removed from my body I danced in the waiting rooms! I got told to stop! But I said “NO!” And carried on. I’m so glad I did. I needed to create a positive memory around that moment and it worked  x

5) Get Outside

Fresh air, nature, walk, trees, just get out and go for a walk. Sometimes the overwhelm just needs us to take a break and get outside. I’m lucky cause I’m living right near the sea right now.  I like to get out and take a brisk stroll along the coastal path. But to be honest I’d be getting outside wherever I lived. Particularly getting into nature x I highly recommend it x

6) Journaling

I like to journal about everything, ranting to get things out. You know the EFT tapping above? Well, I do what I fondly call a Rage Page. I scribble out all my dark complaints and struggles, without holding back (I really go for it and let my deamons out!) I then take each sentence and put it into a tapping sequence and I basically tap until I get bored of my rage. I’m saying rage but I mean any shitty emotional states, overwhelm being one of them. Sometimes I don’t need to take it as far as a rage page. Sometimes I can just rant on the page and get some clearing done. Poetry also helps. There’s something really cathartic about trying to express yourself through poetry, especially when you’re struggling.

7) Fuck It

fuck itHave you ever read this book? Author John C Parkin believes that the western mantra to release and let go is to say “Fuck It!” I’ve naturally been using this mantra for yonks now! I love it! When it just gets too much a big giant ‘Fuck it’ works wonders. Try it. In the midst of your overwhelm, realise where you are and where you’re heading with that energy and say ‘Fuck it’. Spin it like a mantra if that tickles your boat ‘Fuck It! Fuck It! Fuck it, fuck it FUCK IT!’ Just Fuck It all off out of your system, mind and energy/ Get involved in something else for a bit and watch that overwhelm dissolve . . . especially if you’re tapping through all your tapping points ‘fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it fu . . .’ you get the picture hum?

8) Ask For Help

Obvious, but, have you? Have you asked for help? Can you ask for help? Is there anything that you would like help with? Would it feel good if someone could help you with something right now? Does it feel ok to ask? Is there anyone that you think could help you with something right now? Is there anything that someone else could do that could reduce your overwhelm? Would you like to ask them?

I asked questions in a yes/no way there, because for me that helps me to find clarity (because I’m a human design sacral generator, if you want to know what that means click here)

9) Meditate

When you feel like you’re bursting at the seems with total and utter overwhelm say ‘Fuck It!’ smack yourself around your meridian points for a bit whilst dancing to some 1980’s Michael Jackson and then give yourself at least 20 minutes to sit down and meditate. I practice Transcendental Meditation which is designed to be practiced in 20 minute chunks. But I also like to listen to guided meditations or just sit and follow my breathe. There’s loads of meditations on youtube if you’d like to check there.

10) Prayers/affirmations

To me prayers and affirmations are almost the same thing apart from prayers seem to be directed to something beyond ourselves and affirmations are statements made in the here and now. I really appreciate affirmations. Here’s a video I made with a combination of my voice, words and art work. It’s general affirmation that make me feel good. I put this together just after receiving my cancer diagnosis. It was a way of keeping me really focused on thoughts that would help heal me from the inside out –


Again, Abraham-hicks really help with teaching us how to craft thoughts that make us feel better. And that’s the idea with affirmations; just gently climb through your deliberate thoughts, thought by thought, reaching for more and more relief. Here’s an overwhelm example –

“Oh my Word! I feel so overwhelmed right now! That’s ok, I’ve been here before, I know this feeling. I know that I know how to move through this with more ease. It starts with my thoughts. What I’m thinking right now really has an impact on how I’m feeling. Infact what I’m thinking IS what I’m feeling. That’ means all I need to do is think better thoughts. I’m thinking better thoughts right now. It’s easy for me to be aware of my thinking. In fact, I quite like it. It makes me feel good knowing I have this much control over what’s going on in my mind. Mmm, choosing my own thoughts is great. I can feel how this is affecting my feelings. I’m feeling less overwhelmed already. In fact I’m feeling much more at ease. Perhaps I’ll just take a bit of time out and milk this for a while. It feels good to be giving this to myself. Deliberately thinking good thoughts. Mmm, thank you me for giving me that. It’s so much easier than I thought”

There you go, you just got an inside look at my conscious thinking processes!

So there’s some tips on how to deal with overwhelm. I hope you like them.


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