8 Reasons Why You Should Join the Six Figure Mentors

1. It`s your chance to escape the 9 to 5, live anywhere, and join the new rich.

Not many people dream of working long hours in a job or business with limited potential, yet so many of us do. I know I have! Even though I’ve been out of work for sometime due to healing and regenerating myself, my work days were full of stress; You get up to an annoying alarm clock, you feel stressed on the way to a job you don`t want to do, where you`ll take orders from a boss or a client you probably don`t like, you’re pouring your energy into something that is not fulfilling your heart, knowing that you`ll get paid a wage that is limited no matter how hard you work.

The number one thing this course and system gave me is not the money, but the opportunity of living a life of freedom. A life that is no longer about living paycheck to paycheck, or about wishing for things that I cannot provide for myself . This is an opportunity that truly gives me the freedom to work anywhere and to live as I choose to.

The Six Figure Mentors (The SFM), is a REAL opportunity to work online and live life the way you want to; when you want, where you want, how you want. This is super important for me, my well being and my life. I’m sure it is for you too.

2. Anyone can do it.

My biggest concern when I was considering joining The Six Figure Mentors was that I wouldn’t be good enough. What if I wasn’t smart enough to make it work? What if I didn’t have the technical know-how? I honestly had absolutely NO idea about eCommerce, Internet marketing, website creation, you name it, I was in the dark! A total newbie! It looked like a golden opportunity but I thought it was totally out of my reach. In the end it was the hope of a better life that inspired me to get started and let me tell you, I have absolutely no regrets!

The business system Stuart and Jay have created is so simple it’s ridiculous. In the video tutorials and the live trainings they practically hold your hand and show you literally step-by-step, in plain English, how to do everything that they do. No existing expertise is required. All you need is the will and determination to make it work.

3. You can choose your income level.

The best thing about the system is that it`s scalable, which means you can repeat it over and over until you’ve achieved any level of income you want. The amount of money you can make is only limited by your own effort and investment. This is why when people ask me how much money you can make with these methods, I tell them to pick a number. The sky is the limit.

4. The SFM Exclusive Private Community.

“I love coming here every day and participating in The SFM community.”

Have you ever felt frustrated, lost, or overwhelmed when starting something totally new and on your own before? There is a specific reason for this… you probably had nobody to turn to when you were stuck. You will never have this feeling as a member of The SFM. The owners themselves (Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek) and SFM`s leadership team are available for support, which is awesome, however that is not even the best part. Here, you have the ability to connect and communicate with 100`s of other aspiring and successful SFM members.

Yes, that is right. You can communicate directly with people that are having the same problems as you; people who have solved these problems already and want to help, along with many very successful online marketers, some of which make multiple six figures every year. That mentorship alone is worth 10 times the price of admission in my opinion!

Live members – chat with people who share
your goals and ambitions. It`s priceless!

Image of Live Chat in the SFM Community Forum

Private Members Forum – Real help when you need it!

Image of Live Chat in the SFM Private Members Community Forum

This is great, and you’ll find it’s pivotal to your success. I wasn’t expecting too much in the way of support when I started out. The truth is, the community offers great support and I love the fact I get to interact with other like-minded members. You can literally ask the simplest of questions and get back a comprehensive, well thought-out response that you can tell other members have taken the time to put some serious thought behind. Rarely will you get a generic or rushed response.

5. Tiny initial investment.

This business model has ridiculously small start-up costs. Most ordinary businesses or franchises with this kind of income potential take hundreds of thousands of dollars/pounds to start and require huge loans. What will your start-up cost be with The Six Figure Mentors? It costs $29.95 to submit your application. Then starting with Module 1, you can test out the system, get on the phone with a coach and have all your questions answered. Then for the full business system, which is optional, it`s just a $297 one-time fee and $97 per month thereafter (no contracts or minimum term). That`s right folks, $297 to start something that has the potential replace your full time income!

6. The Training Works!

With hundreds of training tutorials, videos, and downloadable guides (and growing everyday), The SFM offers online business training like no other platform. If you are an absolute beginner or if you are an expert looking to expand your knowledge base and network, their robust training will help you take your business to the next level.

There are various training categories within The SFM. These include topics such as:

  • Getting Started Fast
  • Laying Your Foundations
  • Starting Your Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Video Marketing
  • Ezine Advertising
  • Forum Marketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • WordPress

Each category contains it`s own set of specific resources which walk you through the entire process. If you are an absolute newbie, this will get you up and running very quickly.

It was actually the blogging module within The SFM that enabled me to start this very blog – putting to work what I learned, straight away!

One thing that I think is really cool is how there are many experts who contribute regularly to The SFM by adding new videos, tutorials, and posts for other members. To be honest with you, the training at The SFM is more than most advanced college courses would ever offer! Every single training resource is included with your membership. This is really awesome!

7. Amazing Tools and Services.

What many people are paying extra for comes included in your The SFM membership.

Here`s where I saved a ton of money with tools and services included such as: website hosting, website builder, graphic creator, ebook cover creator, viral report builder, simple tracking and split testing software, it goes on and on.

The SFM will continue to exceed your expectations. I have never been associated with a company that is more giving. I mean, when the guys behind The Six Figure Mentors create a new tool or service they give it to members at no additional cost.

8. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Having nothing to lose is probably the biggest reason to join The SFM. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Why? Stu and Jay offer a 30-day money back guarantee. The chances that you won`t love this course are slim (there`s a 3% refund rate), but even if you don`t – just send support an email and they`ll give you all your money back, no questions asked.

To get started RIGHT NOW with The Six Figure Mentors and gain INSTANT access to the system and training enter here!